Morinaga Milk Industry voluntarily collects about 320,000 books including "Lipton Milk Tea" and "Sky of Sky"

"Apology and notification about product collectionBy saying that, Morinaga Milk Industry announced that it will voluntarily collect some products.

The target product, target area, and expiration date display are as follows.

Notice | Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.
Shelf life (1 to 5 common) 12.6.17 OM, 12.6.18 OM, 12.6.19 OM, 12.6.20 OM

1: "Sky of Morinaga Makiba (1000 ml)" (Hokkaido, Kanto Koshinetsu)

2: "Hokkaido limited low-fat milk (1000ml)" made only by Morinaga raw milk "(Hokkaido)
3: "Low-fat milk made with raw milk alone (1000 ml)" (Hokkaido)

4: "Lipton Milk Tea (500 ml)" (Hokkaido)

5: "Lipton Milk Tea (1000 ml)" (Hokkaido)

◆ Hokkaido Guaranteed Milk Co., Ltd.
Shelf life (1 and 2 in common) 12.6.17 OT, 12.6.18 OT, 12.6.19 OT, 12.6.20 OT

1: "Commitment from Otaru Factory Low fat milk (1000 ml)" (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto Koshinetsu)

2: "Refreshing of Hokkaido Ranch (1000 ml)" (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto-Koshinetsu)

According to Morinaga Milk Industry "At this time, some products manufactured at Hokkaido Guaranteed Milk Co., Ltd. of the Morinaga Milk Group, there is a possibility that flavor deterioration may occur within the expiration date due to defects in the manufacturing facilities, and voluntary recall We deeply apologize for the inconvenience that our customers are inconvenienced and deeply apologize and we strive to further strengthen our quality control system so that such a situation will not occur again in the future We will do our best to express our sincere gratitude for your understanding and cooperation. "As a result, the number of items to be collected is 322,444, and if it has a corresponding item, the contents are discarded On top of that, it is said that if you return "empty container" with "COD fee payment" to the address below, we will refund it.

◆ Product delivery address
〒 047-0264
Hokkaido Otaru City 3-8 Katsuraoka cho Hokkaido Guaranteed Milk Co., Ltd.

In addition, it will accept consultations from 09:00 to 17:30 from tomorrow at "Morinaga Milk Industry Customer Consultation Office" toll-free "0120-899-390" and FAX "0120-398-369" is.

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