When making mistakes at work, men are more severely evaluated than women

ByJerry Bunkers

In order to achieve results at work, it is important to reduce mistakes as much as possible, to win the trust of bosses, subordinates and customers. However, when I carefully made a mistake despite paying attention, depending on the type of occupation it was revealed that the result of the survey that it is evaluated more severely than women by being male.

Battle of the Bosses

The society people who go on to work advances thoroughly so as not to make a mistake, but the new research found that the mistakes made by the male leader are stricter than that of the female leader. This trend is seen especially in the workplace where the male is the center, such as the construction industry. Christian Thoroughgood of the State University of Pennsylvania who conducted the survey thinks that female leaders are not judged so strictly in these fields because there is a difference in the primary strength.

ByJerry Bunkers

This survey was conducted in a way that 284 college students had the e-mail received from a fictional boss read. For fictitious bosses, two types of jobs that are susceptible to sexuality, "Construction Industry" and "Nurse" were prepared. In the e-mails, mistakes in human relationships such as mistakes related to work instructions and expressions that make people uncomfortable are charged, which is content that makes readers frustrate. In order not to be affected by the race at this time, the imaginary boss was set to be a common name such as "Bill Smith (Bill Smith)" and "Barbara Smith (Barbara Smith)".

ByRobert S. Donovan

Next, I asked the participants of the experiment to evaluate the two bosses in the online survey and asked if they were positive about working under those bosses, the two bosses were "nurse When assumed to be the boss, the students gave similar ratings to Bill Smith and Barbara Smith.


On the other hand, Bill Smith was negatively evaluated more than Barbara Smith when two people were the boss of the "construction industry".


As a matter of course, it is natural that students have found that bosses making mistakes are incompetent in work and human relations, less motivated and less influential compared to bosses who are not. This survey was conducted using fictitious people and scenarios, but the survey team commented that people who actually remember themselves at work need attention.

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