'Windows 2000' appears on Shinkansen arrival guide monitor at Shin-Osaka station

Extended support ended on July 13, 2010 "Microsoft Windows 2000However, I was looking up looking up at Shin - Osaka station to ride the bullet train.

Suddenly when I look up ......

A screen that looks somewhat ......

It seems that Windows 2000 "The computer can be turned off" screen is displayed.

The arrival train guidance of the Tokaido Shinkansen is impossible.

Originally it is like this

The arrival train guidance display system of the Shinkansen was "Windows 2000".

The reasons why you can not migrate from the old OS such as Windows 2000 are as follows.

ASCII.jp: Windows 2000 support ended on July 13th! What is the problem? | Latest security trends known from zero

It turns out that "cost" and "transition" are two major problems. Naturally, the construction of a new system will cost huge amounts of funds, including the personnel expenses necessary for verification. Also, migrating system software developed by spending time and budget to a new operating system is not much of a normal thing (although it is different if OS compatibility exists).

And this problem naturally leads to a cost problem. Of course, finally it is essential to shift to the OS within the expiration date. However, as long as there is circumstance in which it can not be done quickly, there is a need to grasp what is to be done and what to do.

From now on, how long will it remain as Windows 2000, is also a security concern.

2012/05/24 13:57 Addendum
According to the information provided by the reader, "Since the OEM supply deadline itself of Winows 2000 Professional for Embedded is 2015/3/31 itself, instead of using the old system, even if the system itself is new, it is compatible with software Winows 2000 Professional for Embedded is newly introduced ", and the following blog is summarizing that around in an easy-to-understand manner.

Actually hardly finished Windows NT 5.x support - Windows 2000 Blog

It is surprising that Windows 2000 Embedded will be supplied until 2015 | · ω ·)
Server 2003 Embedded is well supplied since it is supplied until 2018.
I am surprised that MS - DOS and NT were still licensed.

Surely this is Odoroki.

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