Movie that played Overture of Dragon Quest with Moog Synthesizer of Google Logo

Robert Moog's birthday, the birth parent of Moog Synthesizer on May 23rd. To commemorate this, the logo part displayed on the top of Google is a Moog synthesizer, but of course we can not miss the example of Google's logo play and record notes as well as performances It is also possible. Using this "Google Moog", a person who played the Overture of Dragon Quest appeared.


This is the actual movie. As expected, there is no spread with a single note, so it seems to be overlapping three (in the video you can see two).

I tried dragon's overture with Google Moog - YouTube

Also up to Nico Nico video. The content is the same as YouTube.

I tried dragon 's overture with Google Moog - Nico Nico video (Harajuku)

The original overture is like this. The degree of reproduction is perfect.

Dorakue 1 - 8 Overture Medley Game Instrument - YouTube

I challenged thisA red meteorMr. Instrument band[Mint]Leader, pianist · keyboardist. Because Google Moog itself can not record for a long time and the behavior at the time of recording is not stable,Digital audio workstationIt was recorded with.

Here is another person challenging the field music of Dragon Quest II.

DQ2 Field (google moog) - YouTube

Although Google Moog is playful, it is solidly built, so it seems that you can play around with various things.

2012/05/23 14:11
Google Moog usage guide was prepared.

Google Doodle How To | Moog Music Inc

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