Official movie that understands how sticky rollers have a wonderful effect in life

In CM, in addition to product sales points, extrusion of product and company image in its entiretyMethodEven though it is taken, it is trying to express the awkwardness of the adhesive roller which cleans the dust and the like attached to the floor and clothes, and what ends up being unknown somehow is "SchtickyThis is the CM. Adhesive Roller It is finished that the presence of Schticky which is the main product is hazy, such as attacking Bigfoot on one hand, becoming such thing with flight attendant overhead, arresting a male man.

Official ™ Website - Clean Your Home In a Quicky with the Schticky ™

Schticky Gag Reel [OFFICIAL] - YouTube

"Schticky" is easy to get dirty simply by making a corner on any material such as cloth or floor.

Condom that had fallen in the shelf, too,

Collected without touching this street this way.

Garbage that was falling on cloth such as sofa


Even though my child's foot gets soiled with sand while playing

Roll out Schticky and clean it quickly.

Husband suffered salt during meals, and even if it is a normal situation

Coro cologoro

Schticky will keep pleasure in couple

To the host who is sleeping with cluttering eating

Let's apply Schticky directly. Cruising.


Take the Schticky to the camp

When I got into the bread and the bread

Even if the tattered bread and bread crumbles down ......

It will not pollute the camper.

It is serious if the clothes are dirty before going to church

I removed the Schticky from my bag

Men like woodcuts, instead of ono

Have Schticky ......

"I will not hurt any more trees anymore", and smiled.

It looks like Schticky liked it. And a hairy creatures mysterious behind ... ...

"Bigfoot found!"



Why? With this you can roll Schticky as much as you want.

Schticky also has a mobile size.

Before meeting a person, I prepare my grooming with Schticky.

Well entering ......

The room where men with nervous men entered ... ...

There are lots of women party venues. Bali! I rude my clothes.

Take off trousers ......

Show bold flesh.

Even after the haircut finished,

I gently wipe the hair attached to my body.

Cleanliness which makes hairdresser want to kiss unexpectedly.

Schticky can be used anytime anywhere. For example, in an airplane. "Feeding over the customer, the serving ... ..." as a flight attendant.

It seems to be beautiful with Schticky.

The wife next door sleeps deeply.

"OH ..."

A sad minded man.

I gently wipe the dirt of the man's chest lying in the coffin.

Take care of your appearance in the other world .... and gently into the pocket Schticky.

In addition to Schticky not only the mobile size ......

There are also long-sized ones.

Under the shelf, dirt that is out of reach can also be swissy.

Even if you wash a washer on the floor,

If you roll rollover and Schticky

Cleaning can be done easily.

Sand of a cat litter box,

Fold coins as well

Just by rolling,

I can get all.

"How amazing!"

Schticky now and Schticky for mobile are about $ 19.95 (about 1600 yen)

And what ...

In addition, Nagato Schticky comes with free.

"Hu ~!" And the grandmother is also norinori.

And a nasty moderator to the police ... ....

Call me now!

At that time, I thought that if men were hitting Bigfoot with Schticky in hand ... ...

I was attacked by another man of one pants.

This is usually made as a joked version of "Schticky" commercials that seriously advertise their products, casts intact. Although my eyes will go to other places than goods, it is certain that it has become a CM with an impact that can not be forgotten for a while.

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