"Android-powered droid kun pours beer" KegDroid "

The beer dispenser that pours beer with the mascot character of Android, Droid-kun is "KegDroid". The appearance is Droid kun itself, and the operation is done with the Android tablet.

Google's Beer Slinging KegDroid [video]

A movie actually running KegDroid is here.

Introduction to KegDroid - YouTube

Here, developed GooglePaul CarffMr. It seems to have made it thinking that it is not interesting only with a via server.

There is a card reader in front of KegDroid.

Authentication is required at the time of use.

You can use it by passing an IC card here.

The inside looks like this.

In the refrigerator.

I will actually try using it.

Here is the menu screen. One ounce, eight ounces, twelve ounces can be chosen for your preference.

You can enjoy pleasant beer time with this.

Incidentally, this is the plan.

I also make my own body from 1.

If it is not painted it feels like a strange shape of a beer dispenser.

Painted like green drool like Kon ......

Completion By the way, this droid has a name "Betsy" and it is set as a girl bartender.

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