Top 25 most popular tourist cities selected by travelers around the world

How to regain your younger brother's bodyLooking for, Treasure the great treasureLooking for,riding a bicycleI want to see the worldAnd the reason for the trip is each person, but the scenery I met in that is unforgettable. Based on reviews about sightseeing spots sent by travelers all over the world and the number of registrations to "favorite destination"trip advisorAnnounced the top 25 of the world's most popular tourist city in 2012.

Best Destinations of the World - Travelers' Choice - TripAdvisor

01. London (UK)

02. New York (New York State, USA)

03. Rome (Italy)

04. Paris (France)

05. San Francisco (California, USA)

06. Marrakesh (Morocco)

07. Istanbul (Turkey)

08. Barcelona (Spain)

09. Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Ten. Berlin (Germany)

11. Chicago (Illinois, USA)

12. Florence (Italy)

13. Buenos Aires (Argentina)

14. Sydney (Australia)

15. Beijing (China)

16. Prague (Czech Republic)

17. Las Vegas (Nevada, USA)

18. Bora Bora (French Polynesia)

19. Shanghai (China)

20. Honolulu (Hawaii, USA)

twenty one. Los Angeles (California, USA)

twenty two. New Orleans (Louisiana, USA)

twenty three. Cape Town (South Africa)

twenty four. Chiang Mai (Thailand)

twenty five. Dublin (Ireland)

Also, Top 25 popular city rankings in Asia are from the following.

Best Asian Destinations - Travelers' Choice - TripAdvisor

01. Siem Reap (Cambodia)

02. Beijing (China)

03. Shanghai (China)

04. Chiang Mai (Thailand)

05. Male (Maldives)

06. Goa (India)

07. Boracay (Philippines)

08. Hong Kong (China)

09. Hanoi (Vietnam)

Ten. Kathmandu (Nepal Federal Republic)

11. Kyoto City (Japan Kyoto)

12. Tokyo 23 wards (Tokyo, Japan)

13. Singapore (Singapore)

14. Ubud (Indonesia)

15. Hoi An (Vietnam)

16. Luangpabang (Lao People's Democratic Republic)

17. Xi'an City (China)

18. Phi Phi Island (Thailand)

19. Taipei (Taiwan)

20. Koh Tao (Thailand)

twenty one. Seoul (Korea)

twenty two. Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

twenty three. New Delhi (India)

twenty four. Varanasi (India)

twenty five. Halong Bay (Vietnam)

In addition, there are 38 rankings in total, nine areas including the South Pacific and Europe, and 29 countries.

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