Free call application for PS Vita "Skype" launched today

Distribution of free call application "Skype" is now available at PS Store from today. This is provided as an application dedicated to PlayStation Vita, which enables PS Vita to make free voice calls, and also enables video calling by using the PS Vita front and rear cameras.

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Skype is an application for calls used by an average of 200 million people per month. Distribution on the PlayStation Store has started since today, so if you are a PS Vita user you can download and use this application and you will be able to make free voice calls and video calls between Skype users.

Skype icon displayed in Vita looks something like this

When you start up, first enter the Skype name and password and login.

The contact list is displayed like this

My profile screen

Tap "Video call" or "Call" of the person you want to call

Incoming from erika to anna

When it is a video call, it looks like this. Since PS Vita has cameras in two places, front and back, we will use them.

As a game machine, there are few remarkable new titles, PS Vita which is struggling quite hard as hard, but it is so convenient to see the program recorded with torne on the road, so in the future I will expand the application such as Skype It seems to be a strategy to promote appeal in applications that are not limited to games. However, as you move in that direction, it will be going to hit a smartphone ... ....

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