Normal 1.7 times volume, Nissin "Seafood noodle king" taste review

Although Nissin has released a product that boasts the largest cup noodle weight of men called "cup noodle king", as the second bullet "Cup noodle seafood noodle king"(215 yen tax excluded) has joined. The seafood taste is characterized by soup with seafood taste and richness, but what kind of taste it feels when it comes to king size, and how much it is quantitatively, I will try to eat it actually did.

"Cup noodle seafood noodle king" released on April 16 (Monday), 2012

"Seafood noodle king", "seafood noodle", "seafood noodle mini" from the left. In this way, the size of King size is overwhelming.

The content is about 1.7 times that of "seafood noodle". "It is different from normal, normal is !!" It shows the difference between the case.

Raw material name is here. There is no point that changed from ordinary "seafood noodles". However, it needs 510 ml of hot water and about 1 bottle of PET bottle.

It is a nutritional ingredient. 568 kcal per meal (128 g). "Seafood noodle" is 328 kcal per serving (74 g).

There is no particular change as to the content of quickly.

However, the difference in the amount of water quickly appears side by side.

Before putting in hot water, let's make sure that you have enough pot water.

Completed waiting 3 minutes. Because the container is large, most of the eagle will be buried. However, it is still not able to express the overwhelming amount of "seafood noodle king" ......

So, I tried hard and managed to lift the whole noodles. Anyhow in a tremendous amount "I will eat this ... from now ..." will feel strongly.

Okay, we will. You can enjoy the taste of the seafood noodles 'seafood' s umami. Anyway, since there are many quantities, people who were dissatisfied with "Seafood noodle big is not enough even a little amount" should be able to satisfy even to your heart's content and satisfy your tummy.

Although you can advance eating noodles and mugwort quickly, the amount of soup can be quite high, it may be a bit tight.

Furthermore, since the size of the cup is large, it seems that it can be used for something even after finishing eating. Thank you for the meal.

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