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For people who can not return home during the Great East Japan EarthquakeFree opening place in Tokyo ConclusionLocation information Q & A service that I was makingPinQA (Pinka)Has been reborn as spot information summary service. For example, "I summarized Kyoto's coffee shop & cafe with Japanese coffee shop culture proudly"Kyoto's coffee shop & cafe I love youIt is summarized,When connecting five big shrines in Kinki it becomes a pentagram star,I tried to reproduce the late night express by Sawaki KotaroMoreover, various map information is gathered up.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

I took a high-speed bus that respected private space, "COCOON" of WILLER EXPRESS - GIGAZINE

Movie of "Sauron 's eyes" chasing anywhere with Kinect interlocking - GIGAZINE

As soon as I thought I could use "Popoko Pon" free Android application "I tried everywhere Popopopoen" - GIGAZINE

Following "Great Rabbit Rabbit" "King Farewell Lion" Appears - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
Speed ​​of leek: Masu way to pun

83: Below, we will send Negi Speed ​​Nameless instead of Nameless 2012/03/21 (Wednesday) 23: 01: 31.30 ID: YNJ 3 BWry 0
There is no internal organs.

87: Below, we will send Negi Speed ​​as nameless and will send you on 2012/03/21 (Wednesday) 23: 03: 05.57 ID: WJK6sjlf0
>> 83
You can not stay calm like that. You can go to the hospital soon.

Fuh-hae: I sent an e-mail to my favorite person "I'm beautiful in the moon" and the result is taught

How many AA do you have in Maku? : 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')

A man with a womanly name A little bit - Browsing the glove

[Sad news] Aboriginal requests cucumber dish to MOCO'S kitchen: There was pleasure to put together myself J

Chō www w "girls high school student is abnormal" live-action posting video wwwwww: kini speed

Okay !!: Stop saying "Thank you" when the robot is broken

VIPPER I: Kyoto dislikes too much Warota www

[With image] Nakata Hidetoshi (35) is supposed to be terrible

12-month-old Zuckerberg | Special feature of Omokoro

【AKB48】 If there were 2 chances only for members - AKB 48 summary compact

Why are women so shy that they can see their pants? - Browsing Browsing

Osaka Attraction: Hamster bulletin

1: Below, VIP will be sent to you as nameless: 2012/03/13 (Tue) 18: 50: 35.33 ID: XLwYtzr 10
I have never been to Osaka

I think I'm going to USJ or Kaiyukan, but how about
I would like you to tell me about places to eat and something. I do not know anything

2: Here and below, VIP will send you a nameless: 2012/03/13 (Tue) 18: 50: 53.71 ID: lLBkkBwO0

6: Here and below, VIP will send you anonymous: 2012/03/13 (Tue) 18: 52: 03.07 ID: AlYV2SwB0
New Tobita

Dark Necklace Ogiri: My sister is VIPPER

【School girls】 "Initial salary, OK if it is 1 million" "It's too high, about 300,000," "I work to 40 years old and I want to live with husband's earnings"

I tried to sing to Siri "Hello Siri Tan" - Nico Nico Video (Harajuku)

I played "only my railgun" with 2 HDDs - Nico Nico video (Harajuku)

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Asahi Newspaper Digital: freezer of Space Experiment Module "Kibo" 1 hour stopped "No effect" - Science

Investigation of seafoods in the 20 kilometer area of ​​the nuclear power station NHK News

Too many Russian speakers of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies - Togetter

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Advertising revenue on former manager side Management involvement at the time of neglect writing of stimulants 2 + page (1/2) - MSN Sankei News

Until recently, a company whose former manager, Hiroyuki Nishimura (35) is an officer and who opened 2channels, has been abandoned in an Internet comprehensive bulletin board "2channel" that has burned a purchase of stimulant drugs until recently It was discovered on the 28th that we received part of the income by interviewing stakeholders. The company has been engaged in the operation of the 2 -channel search system, and since it was also a source of earnings, the possibility that Mr. Nishimura was involved in the operation also emerged when the writing was neglected.

Despite the deletion request of the Metropolitan Police Department and the like, the focus of elucidating the incident is whom the writer who promoted the crime was abandoned with the intention

Asahi Newspaper Digital: Restoration to transmission lines, maps Geographical Survey "Even if refused by electric power companies" - Society

In addition to receiving a voice saying that the transmission line is being used as a marker for climbing, criticism was also said that it is wrong that electric power companies will not issue information on power transmission lines seen by anyone.

Since its foundation, it tells the biggest pinch "Panasonic" employee ... the time left is only a few. If steering is wrong, "Big ship sank" may also be: SIer blog

JR Iwaizen Line, Official Presentation on 30th Direction of Resignment Abandonment

Hebei Shimpo Tohoku News / Sengoku Line New Route Site and Afflicted Route To Higashi Matsushima City and JR Trade

"Satellite" fragment, US senior official "Injuries in Japan" News i - TBS video news site

This is awful ... TEPCO, for large customers who re-contracted after refusal to raise prices, "higher" rate setting from price increase in April

NISA NISHINASHI - 47NEWS (Yona no Toshi) not to change Oi Iihara's instructions for active fault interlocking and M9 review

Indian economy: a country losing magical power

The first economy produced lazy growth, office work that would make me cry, breathtaking bureaucracy. The second economy gradually increased the speed of rotation after liberalization in the 1990s, and as a result India became a country where optimism was spread all at once by the mid 2000's. In other words, it is a country full of entrepreneurs who have been opened to the outside and have retreated, yet overcome the troubling public sector.

India appeared to be destined to enjoy the rapidly growing long spirit thanks to favorable demographics and ambitious companies, gradual reforms, savings willingness and investment motivation.

However, as recently as a villain of Bollywood movies that absolutely do not want to die, the old India fearfully reappears. The main reason is Indian desperate politics.

Kinki vehicles resumed production of diesel vehicles for the first time in 30 years: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Next term chairman "NHK's simultaneous delivery" - MSN Sankei News

"Survey and verification report" of the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident independent verification committee was 1,575 yen, I was scolded. - The world is yours.

It's a volume of over 400 pages, but let me read it at once.

【Companies】 Osaka City First Worst Nationwide Business Transfer Exceeded "East to West" Due to the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Investigation: Specified m9 (`· ω · ')

"The bridge of the bridge has caused deflation": Nikkei Business Online

"Hashimoto Mr. Hashimoto's fundamental thing is deflation" -. I interviewed the special issue "Farewell deflationary warfare" of Nikkei Business March 26 issue and heard an interesting commentary. Mr. Yasushi Harada of Daiwa Institute of Research Adviser.

Mr. Harada said, "The poison of deflation is remarkably going on in rural areas, as long as only the price goes down, but as the economy stagnated along with that, employment and wages also continued to decline gradually and the appreciation of the yen caused local employment The production base of the manufacturing industry that was supporting the manufacturing industry has been going abroad one after another and in the rural areas the high income jobs have been limited to civil servants etc. Of course, the citizen's amplification of opposition to civil servants will be amplified. It is Mr. Hashimoto that is reading well. "

FACTA won the magazine journalism award in Olympus coverage which the big newspaper did not report. "Survey coverage" of corporate objects embodied by journalists who have experienced analysts who lead to "Enron incident" | Hiroshi Makino "Journalism is dead" | Modern business [Kodansha]

Yoshimasa Yamaguchi who wrote the article wondered if he made a special report by digging into the management team of Kimikawa Tsuyoshi who was a professional player of Olympus. In conclusion it is no. As editor-in-chief of FACTA answered in an interview on contemporary business, he reported the allegation of Olympus by expanding coincident reports with leak-dependent interview.

New business, thinking organization that creates new ideas: Nikkei Business Online

Needless to look back on these visiting companies, I think that rising air current had been blowing for Japanese companies once. There was a "future". I do not mind what it might be like. I do not mind failing. Even if it fails, there is another chance to recover. So, everyone was able to do as much as he could, failing to make it unexpectedly failed. This failure is important. "Learning from failure" suggested, and then connected.

But today is different. I do not know when the next opportunity will come. You must succeed each time. Nevertheless, generations who once experienced "challenge and creation" have left the field. Young people do not know how to challenge new things in the organization even if they are interested in new projects. Without some supervisors telling empirical know-how, there is no budget or authority. That's why it's difficult to make a big challenge and the next know-how will not be left at all .... The composition which shrinks is completed.

However, a bit of a change is beginning to occur in this situation.

Tokyo Shimbun: Investigated pipe organ restoration Investigation of the reviving prayer: society (TOKYO Web)

Shoot down the North Korean satellite? Government overreaction is performance for citizens

"Job surgery" to learn from Jojo Part 5. Mental attitude as a boss, organization theory, growth as a person ... full of quotations!

Strategy story called "finished out" that caused the book off to grow rapidly: Nikkei Business Online

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Hebei Shimpo Tohoku news / Farewell to "Futsubo" To the enormous grand scale Lastran on 31st

Tokyo Zokei University | News + News Details @ Announcement + News List

Expression by President Suwa graduation ceremony in 2011

What is to respect the other party - Toradenko journal

When you work, you are required to respect the other party. It will be required even in everyday life away from work, and it will be necessary even for interchanges with Twitter. Naturally, it is also important in the home. I think as if it is commonplace, but I feel that dragonfly is a very difficult thing.

【Social structure】 "Middle-aged and Female Freeter", 500,000 "Old Age" / CYBER LIFE 2 CH

I bought Djangarian hamster wwwwwwwww: Hamster preliminary bulletin

News 30over: A story I went to a disabled facility - Livedoor blog

6: Subject without subject 774 +: 2012/03/28 (Wed) 21: 23: 48.85 ID: x0evlKCM0
I can not say when I went to the place or when,
There was institutional practice.
It was necessary to bring lots of luggage as it was a staying practice
There was no problem. I took a game or cartoon to say strongly. It is for killing time.

Beginning with the introduction and explanation in the facility to the staff at the beginning of the first day of practical training
I only stayed overnight staying for 10 days.
Officer "From here entering from here, I think I handed in the key, but surely I closed the key with the door closed. Because someone who is on the journey w w went the long way and went to OO prefecture w w"
>> 1 "What ?! So far !?"
Officer "Yes, please be careful, so do not forget to confirm after closing."

I wonder how easy it is not going far www and I am guided into the faculty room by entering the facility.

I want to ask someone who wrote that the same thing can be said even if my child is killed | Tatsuya Mori real co-fantasy | diamond online

This program was broadcast live on Nico Nico video before being broadcast on BS Japan. On the net and twitter after that, very intense criticisms were written one by one for Katsumata and the forest. No, it is not criticism. It is mostly abusive. I quote a little.

"I would like to ask these people, are you thinking about the victim's bereaved family?"

"Even if you are killed you can say such a thing like these people"

"If you can kill yourself and give up the same breath, I will respect you w"

"Are the bereaved family beyond cancer?"

"Parents, brothers, friends, lover ... Can you say the same thing even if those people are killed? If you can say" suspect "humanity is suspected."

"Think about your own idly being killed!"

"If you say" Do not pre-introduce "even if my child was killed"

"Go to the other world and let your head fall down in front of the victim"

I do not think "loneliness death" is another person's affair! Draconious daily faces confronting families withdrawing | Otona who "withdraw" | Diamond Online

After graduating from university, Mr. A was living a club life in the city. However, even though I'm not playing, the days when I am sleepy with Uuchutu are ongoing while I am on duty, and I finally retired from my physical condition. Due to the deterioration in the employment environment after the collapse of the bubble, the subsequent reemployment did not go well, and eventually returned to this hometown's parents home.

When I realized it, I lost all the connection with society. Since then, the eyes of the neighborhood became anxious, and it has been in a state of withdrawal for over ten years.

We are not listed in the Weekly Special Examination Guide The identity of a prestigious university (V) Actually, it is reasonable to be able to find employment at a national university "reason" | wisdom of wisdom | modern business [Kodansha]

When the university entrance exam is over, let 's tell the real stories that you can say now to students and parents who are in the outsider. National and private, Waseda and Keio, all universities have strengths and weaknesses. The latest backstatement of each university that can also enjoy OB.

How to clear the room - Hiroshi Yuki Hatena diary

To everyone who will become a new society from April: Far Eastern blog

How to make delicious homemade sandwiches: [2 ch] Breaking Dishes

Small skill that makes life easier for living alone · Talks about back technique

Asahi Newspaper Digital: "I do not want you to come to the civilian commissioner" 80% - My Town Hokkaido

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
People who rejoice in the sudden editor boys boys - Togetter

Mr. Daisuke Tsuda "A convincing explanation" ... NHK Ana's Twitter closing celebrities also commented (BLOGOS editorial department) - BLOGOS (Blogos)

IPad should be made in the US | Business | Latest Articles | Newsweek Japan Official Site

Apple's CEO Steve Jobs replied to US President Obama's question "Is it impossible to make the iPhone in America?" "These jobs will not come back anymore"

【Quick News】 Multiple major bulk blogs explode huge information explosive spread: lobster flash report @ VIP (lob speed)

Opinions on illegal uploading etc. - Togetter

Although there are many people who make noise, there are only 5000 people in the world who actually have a book of "silver flower".

Regardless of whether announcement of new information, database release relating to work in the past, including personal information of some degree or not, I am planning to come to Momame pretty well on the net, but even if I misunderstood it via the same net Spread ... Mow ━ ('· ω · `) ◉ Otte age

Notice of the establishment of publication digital organization, Inc. | Publication digital organization (tentative name) preparation meeting

Akiba Research Institute - High-speed SSD with mSATA connection of up to 550 MB / s leads on sale! - [Akihabara general information site]

Flash Player 11.2 and AIR 3.2 formally released - akihiro kamijo

Flash Player premium feature announcement - akihiro kamijo

Adobe released presentations on Flash Player premium features (ie, paid features). (Adobe Flash Player Premium Features for Gaming)

After August 1, 2012, licensing is required for commercial use of the premium function. However, this applies only to content intended for Flash Player, and even with the same function, it can be used freely by AIR application (desktop and device). Also, content with sales of less than $ 50,000 will not be eligible. (It is still unknown how the rate will be treated)

The content to be charged for this time is contents using both of the following APIs.


This alone may not affect most web contents. Even if new premium features will be added in the future, it is likely to become the main target of high-end games.

Details of how to obtain the license are said to be announced by summer.

What youth think about package management - As a Futurist ...

Reason why the current e-book in Japan does not spread in real sense - Maka Maki Di

So, why e-books do not spread in real sense

It's a very simple story, in a nutshell below.

The current e-book is inconvenient.

Book worm: The age of incompetent software is over

The era of incompetent software is over. It simply ended. There is no future of incompetent software anymore. Regardless of the monetary value, the quality of software is overwhelmingly high. So if you have Windows, iOS or Andorid at hand, you should throw away from the window.

How to make Spring Pokorogo | ■ ALcot BLOG

Entry to learn the principles of the design which I want to read for the time being as a new graduate web designer Nine summaries - W3Q

Intel's new processor "Ivy Bridge" will be released on April 29! Planned to be installed in "iMac" and "MacBook Pro" and scheduled for June 3 for "MacBook Air" |

【Press Release】 OpenStreetMap, Yahoo! JAPAN Launches Distribution Map to Japan's Largest Geo-Service "Yahoo! Loco" - The OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan

【Report】 ABC 2012 Spring - Hiroki Takagi speaks on 'How to Confirm Consent on User Information Transmission of Smartphone' (1) About the Opt-in · Opt Out Out Delivery | Mobile | My Navigation News

How to earn money that you can love cameras - Can you earn IT side jobs using photos?

Original language Python | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Sony Japan | Support for high quality 4K video production Sony Digital Motion Picture Center opened

Regarding the high-quality 4K movie, the first production by the CineAlta camera F65 was started in February this year with the sci-fi movie "After Earth" starred by M. Knight Shamaran, Will Smith. In addition to this work, at least two Hollywood major movie studios are planning to adopt F65 for movie production, and a new project will be nearly started.
Film production with the industry's highest image quality 4K camera will accelerate.

A person who can not handle equal signs to Professor Makoto Kikuchi "I do not think I have scientific knowledge" - Togetter

【2ch】 New speed quality: 【terrible Internet】 2channel, 1000 police request deletion, experienced "deletor" "tend to avoid deletion"

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
【Meida chan big victory】 Animation "Midaka Box" scenario written by Nishio Ishin himself

Hatsune Miku Figure Series Mikumo "# 6 Dreaming Kotori" sample image

Square no more Akanha ... new work, no sequel, no remake ... no, no

Announcement from the Bandai Channel | Director of the 48th "Super Dimension Fortress Macross" Noboru Ishiguro mourn her death

Especially shocking oneself was the introduction of the field "effect animation". Originally Ishiguro says that he thought "I want to do animation" was Disney's full length "Sleeping Beauty". Traditionally, Disney has a credit "effect animation", which is drawn by a special department of natural phenomena such as waves other than characters, fire, thunder and so on. Many of the effects are indefinite, they do not draw according to the setting book like a character, and a free form is permitted. At the same time, there is a behavior based on the laws of physicochemistry and so on, it will not be established unless precise observation eyes, analytical power, and expressive power as animation are in a trinity.
And if you drew carefully as a spectacle such as large waves and volcanic eruptions as "Flower" in the effect, the movie itself will become rich. This is in the same position as "Sci-Fi" in the live-action world. Although it is also called "VFX (visual effect)" in the digital image age, even though thinking that it comes from a reading reading "FEX = EFFECTS", it can be thought that it is about the same position is.
This is an understanding of deepening the research later on, but Ishiguro taught us the outline of the entrance to the entrance. At the same time, I also learned why he thought "Yamato" was a special work. In live-action movies and television, I love the "special effects" mechanism and tricky images, but that same thing is in the anime world as well.

Secret of sales of social games, understood by idiots - NHN Japan Director Blog

Dengeki Bunko I read the "Issuing year of publication or last book" of writer - I mainly read light novel ^ 0 ^ /

"World of Izaki society" Yamamoto Hiroshi, Shinobu Akiyuki, Tomino Yoshiyuki read the contribution - Kuzuki handbook

The trial version is one-quarter of the product version! About the playing time of "Route Double" product version Message arrived from Nakazawa Norio - Dengeki Online

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Masterpieces 39 directed by Scorsese for young people aspiring for film director: Movie News - Movie. Com

[Yokohama FC] Namba "This peach color is Momoiro Clover Z's peach color!" «Football special newspaper El Gollasso web version BLOGOLA

A stylish erot book "an · an" skillful composition technique, a volume of learning from a strong man · Masayuki Hasebe special issue etc. : Sports See what one speaks ~ Fumo Hmo column

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
2012-03-29 Simultaneously release two kinds of sweets to eat using "Straw" and "Spoon"! | News Releases | Corporate Information | FamilyMart

The "Strawberry drink cake" and "Mango drink cake" to be released each time, the sauce is a straw, flesh etc is a sweet which you enjoy using a spoon.

The part you eat with a straw was tailored to make you feel the texture of the fresh sauce and the acidity of the fruit. For the part of the cake that you would like to eat with a spoon, you combined a sponge with a cream with a texture mixed with pulp and jelly.
It is an unprecedented new sensation sweet which can enjoy drinks and cakes at once.

Release on 30th March

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