Sense of crispness is genuine, I tried a lotteria "Hokkaido Tokachi milk beef cut Burger"

Speaking of Hokkaido Tokachi, dairy farming and animal husbandry are famous. The Tokachi dairy farming and livestock products were abundantly used "Hokkaido Tokachi made beef tenderloin burger"Hokkaido Tokachi's mozzarella cheese beef cutlet burger"It was a regional limited release in Hokkaido, but because it was popular, it is said that it will be sold nationwide from March 16 (Friday). I went to eat at once to see what kind of taste it is.

Lotteria "Hokkaido Tokachiba Beef Menchkatsu Burger" "Hokkaido Tokachi Produce Mozzarella Cheese Beef Menchkatsu Burger" Limited release from March 16 (Fri) 2012!

Arrived at Lotteria.

The new product is enclosed in a red frame.

A character with the power of "Tokachi". It is 630 yen for single item, it is premier price because it is Tokachi in Hokkaido.

I will head to the checkout order.

Pop also in such a place. It seems to be pushing strongly as a shop.

Wrapping is like this.

First of all, "Hokkaido Tokachiba Beef Mentikatsu Burger" (530 yen including tax).

It is from the side. Menchikatsu is about the same thickness as the buns. If you take it in your hands, you will also get a sense of mouth-watering feeling through the buns.

Shredded cabbage on the top of the munch cutlet. Source is also applied to cabbage.

I tried cabbage. Confirm that the sauce is soaked firmly in the men's cutlet.

Mayonnaise on the back of the munch cutlet.

First of all, the feeling of crispness of warmth and clothing of the mentikatu. It's warm, so the umami of the meat spreads in Juwa and the crispy sound of clothes chews in the mouth. The feeling of crispness is complemented by the softness of the buns. Certainly it is done well, but the price is 530 yen is not a casual way to hand out ... ....

Next is "Hokkaido Tokachi Produce Mozzarella Cheese Beef Menchkatsu Burger", 630 yen higher than before.

I saw it from the side. Mozzarella cheese is petit ment.

Mozzarella cheese is about the size to cover the whole cutlet.

Plenty of sauces.

On the back side of the munch cut pearl mayonnaise is abundantly painted.

When I actually eat it, I feel like there is not much change in taste compared with "Hokkaido Tokachi Mine Cherry Burger" .... The taste of mozzarella cheese has been thrown away by sauce and mayonnaise. I tried biting with mozzarella cheese alone, but it felt its taste was thin and the flavor was weak. The type of cheese used for cheeseburger seems to be better than mozzarella cheese.

It is very highly appreciated that you can enjoy hot-cut men's cutlets with crispy texture, but the price feels a bit high. It is a place I want you to reproduce this taste with the price you can eat casually.

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