Movie that understands the transition of the venue of comic market

The next comic market 82 is scheduled to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from 10th (Friday) to 12th (Sunday) of 2012, how did it become the current venue? A movie that summarizes it briefly is excellent.

Transition of venue of comic market - YouTube

Transition of venue of comic market

A comic market was born in 1975. For the first time, the number of participating circles was only 32, the number of participants was about 700, and it was held in the conference room of the Japan Fire Department.

1975: Toranomon Japan Fire Department Meeting Room (C1), Number of Circles 32, Estimated Number of Participants Estimated 700 (C1)

1977: Ota Ward Industrial Hall (C 5 - 8, 10, 11), the number of circles 144, the estimated number of participants was 2000 people (C 8)

1980: Kawasaki citizen plaza (C 14 ~ 17), circle number 400, estimated number of participants is 8000 (C17)

1981: Harumi International Foreign Trade Center (C19 ~ 30), number of circle 680, estimated number of participants is 9000 (C20)

1986: Tokyo Distribution Center (C 31 ~ 33), the number of circles 4400, the number of participants is 55,000 (C33, held two days)

1989: Makuhari Messe (C 37 ~ 39), the number of circles 11,000, the number of participants is 120 thousand (C 37, held two days)

1991: Tokyo International Fairground (C 40 - 49), Number of Circles 22,000 2000, Number of Participants 250 000 (C 48, held three days)

1996: Tokyo Big Sight (C50 ~), the number of circles 35,000, the number of participants 560,000 (C77, held three days)


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