A website that refuses to watch the scenery from Angel Fall "Airpano.com"

Venezuela'sAngel Fall (Salto · Angel)It is Otaki boasting the world's largest falling 979 m. It is also called the world's last secret worldCanaima National ParkIt is located within and it is possible for anyone to go if you want to go because the tour is organized, but a 360 degree panorama picture that can adequately enjoy this angel fall is published on "Airpano.com". It's not just a panoramic picture, but the location can be changed like street view, so you can see all kinds of sight from the top down the waterfall.

"Angel Waterfall of Venezuela - The World's Highest Waterfall" - (©) AIRPANO.COM - Project by Oleg Gaponyuk

Although I go to load photos when I access it, the powerful scene is already blurryly visible.

The basic screen looks something like this, the operation menu is displayed in the lower left, you can switch the camera position from the height 1500 m to the horizon with the picture on the right.

To operate with the keyboard, zoom out with the Ctrl key and zoom in with the Shift key. You can move the camera up, down, left and right with the cursor keys.

I tried moving the camera to an altitude of 100 m.

If the icon of the helicopter is floating in the air, you can see the picture taken from that position.

You can see that you are shooting at various altitudes along the waterfall. However, because I want to see the waterfall itself, this icon becomes an obstacle. In such a case, clicking "HIDE CONTROLS" in the upper left will hide all obstructive icons.

Like this, it is refreshing.

By the way, clicking on the triangle icon in the upper right allows you to set the display method and the camera movement width at the time of keyboard operation in considerable detail.

I will take a closer look at the waterfall in a calm place. This has an angel fallAuyantepuiThe place where I looked down at the falls from the altitude of 1050 m. By the way, Auyantepui is the highest table mountain in this Guiana highland.

Although I know that it is a tremendous height, I do not realize when this happens.

The fall is too big for the fall, rather than running down the water, it feels like it rains like rain.

I got down to an altitude of 400 meters. Although it has fallen considerably high ... ....

The waterfall continues more.

I saw the falls at the farthest view.

A lot of Table Mountain towers, a river flows under it, trees filling the ground

It is convinced that there are still places of unexplored land in Canaima National Park.

There are different panoramas about what is going on around Angel Fall.

"Venezuela. Surrounding of Angel Falls" - (©) AIRPANO.COM - Project by Oleg Gaponyuk

This is a waterfall called Dragon Waterfall.

The table mountain is in a place like a dead end which is recessed inside.

Everywhere you can see magnificent scenery. The waterfall called La Cortina waterfall.

I desire Table Mountain far from Gold-field.

When it comes to this area, green has decreased and the reddish soil shows her face.

AirPano.com is a site that produces 3D virtual tours of panoramic photo lovers gathering in various places. In addition to Angel Fall, Everest, night views of Manhattan and Las Vegas, pyramids, landscapes of Nazca, etc. are prepared.

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Landscape of Nazca

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AirPano has set the goal of increasing airborne panorama photos over the next couple of years and further making it possible to make virtual 3D tours of interesting places on Earth.

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