The world's largest coffee cup that coffees 20 cups of coffee

It is a little troublesome to put coffee over and over again when you have to drink a rich coffee and do your best. Two cups from the beginning, if there is a coffee cup to enter more ... ... the world's largest coffee cup has been introduced that meets the demand. When saying "the world's largest coffee cup", it may be used as an expression for comparing Brazil which is the biggest producing area of ​​coffee, but this is a real coffee cup.

World's Largest Coffee Cup | Giant Coffee Mug |

This "world's largest coffee cup", the price is $ 46 (about 3750 yen). Height is 6.5 inches (about 16.5 cm), diameter is 10 inches (25.4 cm). Although its size has not been well communicated if it is a single body ... ...

Having it in your hands like this. Huge volume 160 ounces (about 4.73 liters) than the ramen pot. In general, the coffee is about 200 ml, so that 20 cups or more are included ....

If you drink this much you may wake up, but it seems to break your body.

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