"Organic Radical Battery" bending just like 0.3 mm thinness and capable of high-speed charging

Organic radical batteryCan not be done with lithium ion batteries, etc. Thin, flexible, high power output, high speed charging is possible, and because it is thin, it can also be bent, because it has flexibility, it can also be worn on clothes, so in the future It is expected that realization of wearable computer with PC function is expected by installing CPU and memory in the same clothes.

This time NEC successfully succeeded in making this organic radical battery into an ultra-thin thickness of 0.3 mm that it can be built in an IC card with only a thickness of 0.76 mm, and has already proven high practicality already.

NEC Develops Ultra Thin Organic Radical Battery That Can Be Built in IC Card (March 5, 2012): Press Release | NEC

By combining the circuit board and the battery using printing technology, this organic radical battery of this time realizes a thinness of 0.3 mm which is 1/2 or less compared with the past. In conventional batteries, 0.2 mm was required only for the thickness of the aluminum laminate which was used as the exterior material, but this time we used a 0.05 mm thick polymer film that can also be used for circuit boards, By directly forming the negative electrode on the circuit board, laminating the separator (insulator) and the radical polymer positive electrode etc. on the negative electrode, 0.3 mm thinness is realized.

In addition, small electronic components can be mounted on the circuit board, and it is also possible to create IC cards of standard size with built-in batteries by using a circuit board on which antennas and ICs are mounted in addition to batteries I will.

As to how much practical level it is currently achieving, in the charge and discharge cycle test, it is confirmed that the capacity of 75% of the initial capacity ratio is maintained with 500 charge / discharge cycles, which is equivalent to the lithium ion battery for mobile phones , Highly practical proven. Furthermore, we confirmed the high output power of 5 kW / L per volume in prototypes with 3 cm square, thickness 0.3 mm, battery capacity 3 mAh, and by using prototypes, the display screen Updated 2000 times, continuous flash emission 360 times, position information transmission 35 times etc are possible.

In the first place, organic radical batteries are batteries that NEC proposed in 2001, using organic radical compounds, which are a kind of plastics, as electrode active materials. A gel-like flexible electrode is realized by permeating an electrolytic solution into a composite positive electrode comprising an organic radical compound and carbon fiber, and charging and discharging is performed by redox reaction of a radical site. Not only high output power (capable of discharging large current at once)It can also charge for a short time in 1 minute or lessTherefore, it can be used not only as a built-in IC card, light and thin electronic paper but also as a small active RFID tag that can be worn on people and animals, real-time product tracing in distribution and product tracing in people and animals It is also possible to detect real-time location information and so on.

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