Thin, lightweight USB portable power supply that can charge two smartphones etc. at the same time newly released from Sony

A high-capacity flat type USB portable power supply "CP-F10LSAVP" (internal battery capacity 10,000 mAh) that can charge smartphones and tablets etc. from Sony at the same time (total output of 2 ports is 3.6 A) and convenient for carrying around Lightweight and compact stick type "CP-VLSVP" (internal battery capacity 1400 mAh) was announced.

High Capacity Flat Type, Compact Stick Type USB Portable Power Supply 2 Models | Press Release | Sony

Flat type "CP-F10LSAVP" is a thin, lightweight aluminum body with a thickness of 16.5 mm and a mass of approximately 260 g

Built-in lithium-ion polymer battery with high capacity of 10000 mAh capable of charging about 4 charges of smartphone, 2 USB output ports, compatible with up to 5 V / 3.6 A output (2 ports total), smart phones and tablets 2 It is possible to charge at the same time. Since the attached USB cable has a length of 50 cm, it can also be charged by putting the main body in the bag and putting out only the cable. Repetitive charge count is about 1000 times. There is also a function to let you know the remaining battery level indication by the number of blinking lamps (4 levels).

The weight of the stick type "CP-VLSVP" is about 62 g, the lithium ion polymer battery of 1400 mAh capable of charging about 50% of the smartphone is built in, assuming use as a standby power supply when the battery runs out when going out, There are color variations of (black, white, pink, orange), the number of times of charging is about 500 times, and the function to let you know at the flashing number of lamps (4 levels) the battery remaining indication standard is also installed.





The release date is April 20, the price is flat type "CP-F10LSAVP" around 9000 yen, stick type "CP-VLSVP" is around 1700 yen.

For example, if you investigate with this as to whether this price is reasonable, for example flat type "CP-F10LSAVP" is 9000 yen with 10000 mAh equipped with 2 ports, but if you search with the same battery capacity of 10000 mAh on Amazon, enecycle EN 03 is 2 With port installed2680 yen, Anker Astro 3E is also equipped with 2 ports2999 yen, And the weight is also made by Sony and enecycle EN 03 is almost unchanged. Clearly, the merit in terms of price is not found at the present moment.

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