Japan's fastest LTE service "EMOBILE LTE" starts from March 15 with a monthly fee of 3880 yen

It was announced that e-Access's next generation mobile communication service "EMOBILE LTE" will start on March 15th. The monthly fee is 3880 yen per month for the price plan, and the terminal is "familiar" real 0 yen ~ "in the mobile system.

【LTE】 Next Generation High Speed ​​Communication EMOBILE LTE | EMOBILE

Launch domestic celebration, fastest class, "EMOBILE LTE" as LTE on March 15 ~ All-you-can-use unlimited use 3,880 yen, terminal is real 0 yen ~ | Press announcement material | e-access

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, which is a new communication standard for mobile phones. NTT DoCoMo has already launched the service under the name of "Xi (Crossy)", which is a service that realizes much faster communication than before.

"EMOBILE LTE" which starts on March 15 adopts FDD-LTE which is a world standard communication standard, and it is a domestic LTE fastest class service that supports up to 75 Mbps downlink and up to 25 Mbps uplink. The fastest correspondence area is only a part, and outside the area, the downlink maximum is 37.5 Mbps and the upload maximum is 12.5 Mbps. The correspondence area of ​​"EMOBILE LTE" will expand further at the end of June 2012 at 23 wards of Tokyo, Chiba City, Saitama City, Yokohama City, Kawasaki City, Nagoya City, Kyoto City, Osaka City, Sakai City, Kobe City It's a schedule.

The fee will be as follows in the case of "LTE flat" which is a plan combining the basic usage fee and the data communication plan "flat" flat fee.

When the contract type is "Nen", the basic usage fee is 500 yen, the data communication flat-rate charge is 3380 yen, totaling 3880 yen. In the case of "Nan + Assist 1600", the basic royalty fee is 2100 yen and the data communication flat fee is 3380 yen, but 1600 yen is deducted as monthly rate, which is the same as "Nin" 3880 yen.

The contents of contract type and long-term contract discount are as follows.

In addition, if a person currently contracting data communication service of e · · · · · · · changes this contract to EMOBILE LTE, contract office fee etc will be free. Also, from March 15th, a campaign to discount contract cancellation fee by up to 10,000 yen will also start.

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