Will it stop selling sweet chocolate confectionery "Snickers" by the end of 2013?

In the past, "Snickers when you are hungry", recently known as CM who appointed Sawajiri Erika, a sweet chocolate sweet stickySnickers". While it is only 53 g while you can eat one, it is sweet and sweet in the mouth, but it may be discontinued by the end of 2013 by the manufacturer's policy.

Snickers to "diet", discontinue sales of high-calorie chocolate | global speech | Reuters

In JapanMars Japan LimitedAlthough it is a Snickers selling, there is a headquarters in the state of Virginia in the USA that manufacturesMars. As that Mars, "a comprehensive approach to health and nutrition"Discontinued selling chocolate confectionery of 250 kcal or more by 2013And decided to do.

Speaking of Snickers sweets made with peanuts on top of nougat and peanuts tightly packed with caramel and hardened with chocolate. Anyway, it is sweet, caramel sticks to the teeth, and in the summer the whole may become sticky and you can not get out of the bag. Besides, the calorie is also high, the bar270 kcal in oneBecause it is, it will be seen that it will be subject to this sales cancellation target. The mini size is 97 kcal, but it is unknown what it will become.

From 1980 's Snickers was shedding the phrase "CM when you are hungry" phrase.

80's CM 1 - YouTube

Recently, we are broadcasting a striking commercial that appointed talent Sawajiri Erika.

Snickers ® "Soccer Hen" TVCM 30 seconds - YouTube

By the way, Mars is a colorful chocolate "M & amp; M 'S®We also manufacture. Here is a single pack of milk chocolate is 220 kcal, so it may be that only big bags disappear.

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