A man who hacked the system looking for jobs in the IT department is arrested

ByChristopher Schirner

It seems that all the people in the world are not the only ones who are going right in the quest for jobs, and it seems that they are common in all countries,MarriottA man who hacked the system was arrested. The man threatened the company with confidential information he got, saying "If you do not hire me you will disclose confidential information".

Hungarian hacks Marriott's systems to blackmail for job

Hungarian Man Pleads Guilty to Hacking Marriott Systems, Demanding Job in IT Dept. | SecurityWeek.Com

Marriott blackmail: Hungarian sentenced 2.5 years for blackmailing Marriott chain - baltimoresun.com

Attila Nemeth (26) living in Hungary was captured. According to the survey, Nemeth sent malware to Marriott employees and succeeded in making backdoor to the system. I got confidential information by invading the system for months.

Nemeth, who got the information, contacted Marriott's Human Resources Department "I got confidential information from Marriott, please prepare a job if I do not want to be revealed." Of course, since Marriott neglected this, Nemeth sent eight documents to prove again that he hacked. It was confirmed that seven of them were in Marriott's system. At this time, Nemeth threatened "If Marriott does not prepare me for IT department jobs, I will disclose the information I got". For this reason, Marriott
Secret serviceWe asked for correspondence, and after that inspector investigated the person in charge and continued the exchange. Nemeth continued the request, believing that Marriott's real representative was responding.

Eventually, the investigator falsely called Nemeth to America for fear of interviewing for employment. According to NemethWashington Dulles International AirportI got a fake interview from a fake investigator who pretended to be a Marriott representative. In this "interview", Nemeth admitted to stealing confidential information and confidential information by accessing Marriott's system and actually how to break into the Marriott network to prove the identity as a hacker I also proved it.

For this incident at Marriott, 100 employees have been launched to check the safety of the network. Therefore, it seems that it costed 400,000 dollars (about 30 million yen) to 1 million dollar (about 77 million yen) for personnel expenses, consultant expenses, and other costs.

Nemeth could be sentenced to imprisonment with imprisonment within 5 years on charges of intimidating threatening to release confidential information within 10 years of imprisonment for allegedly infecting others with malware, but imprisonment on February 3 The judgment of two and a half has come down.

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