Nikoniko video starts stema campaign with "Nikoni ad"

It was announced that the stema campaign which can normally use 100 pt "Nikoni advertisement name change function" for free can be done from January 20 (Fri) to January 31 (Tue) until 20 o'clock.

Nico Nico New Year stema festival 2012 1/20 - 1/31 "Nikoni advertisement" is the original stemmer service!

"Nikoni advertisement" is a service that allows users to advertise videos and live broadcasts using Nikoniko points. When you specify a movie you want to promote and a specific tag and pay a Nikoniko Point, the advertised video is displayed in the promotion frame at the top of the search results of that tag. As for advertised videos, the name of the user who advertised the movie after the movie playback is finished is displayed as a sponsor, and originally, the name of advertisement user is displayed in both animation and live broadcasting What is being done is that you can change the name displayed by using "Nikoni ad renaming function" and users who promote the movie will be able to hide what they advertise .

According to Nico Nico's release, "It is easy to do" Stema which is currently being talked about on the Internet ", and even on the above-mentioned official campaign site,Original steam service"(Stealth marketing) is categorized.

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