Infographics comparing Apple products with Apple (apple) of the phone


Speaking of iPhone, iPad, Apple known as Macintosh, the mark which bite a bite appeared impressive. We have compared the Apple company with the apple (apple) of the real monographer, an infograph that appeared.

Apple to Apples | MBA Online

First, production story. 44% of the world's apples are produced in China. Meanwhile, Apple products do 100% of production in China.

Apples produced in 2009 amount to 71 million tons, 30 billion dollars (about 2.3 trillion yen). Meanwhile, the Apple product is 138,000 tons and it is 32 billion dollars (about 2.4 trillion yen).

The world's largest apple buyer has purchased $ 550 million (about 42.3 billion yen) in Russia.

The buyer of the world's largest Apple product is America. We purchase 16 billion dollars (about 1 trillion 200 billion yen).

Of the apples' domestic consumption, 30% are consumed on the west coast. By the way, the San Francisco Bay Area is especially popular with Apple products owners, and one in three owns some Apple products.

Apple orchards average 50 acres (about 200,000 square meters), but the Apple Store has only 0.1 acres (4500 square feet, about 400 square meters).

The first apple was produced by farmers in Mesopotamia around 8000 BC. There used to be a kind of apple before, but it was very sour and seedy and not suitable for edible use.

The first Apple was invented in 1976 by Steve Wozniak. Earlier computers were awfully cursing and very inconvenient.

There are 7,500 kinds of apples. 72% of the total is sold as it is as fruit, 15% as apple juice, 14% as source.

Apple has about 400 kinds of products. The biggest sales are 43% for the iPhone. IPad continues at 28%, and it is below, iPod (16.7%), Macbook Pro / Macbook Air (9.1%), iMac / Mac Pro (3.1%).

The weight of medium size apple is 5 ounces (about 141 g), the weight of iPhone 4 S is about 4.9 ounces (about 139 g), which is about the same.

Considering the price, iPhone 4S of 16GB corresponds to 2000 apples. (Apples are about 450 g converted as about 80 yen)

Most of the ingredients of the apple (84.7%) are water, 11.7% carbohydrate, 2.3% dietary fiber, 0.6% organic acid, 0.4% lipid, 0.2% protein.

The iPhone 4S is made of glass by 33.6%, stainless steel by 28.6%, battery by 17.6%, board by 11.4%, display by 5%, plastic by 2.1% and other materials by 1.4%.

Apple accounts for 17% of the fruits eaten in the US, while 28% of the smartphones bought in the US are Apple products (iPhone).

With this, apple and Apple products can also say that "Americans like Apple," if that share is high, it was not that much share.

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