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The elections of the House of Representatives Congress held in the Russian Federation on 4 December. As a result of the voting, Unified Russia led by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin won 238 seats and defended the position of the first party, the number of seats decreased by 77 seats compared with the previous season .

A suspicion about corruption raised about this election and a demonstration of 8000 people in Moscow on 5th. Some people are being caught by military and police, but the number of people participating in the demonstration is increasing, and the movie has been uploaded to YouTube.

First, the result of the election is kore.

Death Chuo Nominated Chamber Choosing House of Representatives final presentation: The Voice of Russia

The voter turnout was 60%.
In the sixth session of the House (the term of 5 years · 450 seats), the "Unified Russia", the Russian Federation Communist Party, the "Fair Russia", the Russian LDP four political parties will send members.
According to the data of the Central Championship, each party's seats will be 238 (last time 315), Communist Party 92 (57), "Fair Russia" 64 (38), LDP 56 (40) .
The expenses required by each party who won a seat in the House of Representatives for the election campaign are approximately as follows.
"Unified Russia" $ 18.7 million "LDP" 15.6 million "Fair Russia" 10.6 million "Communist Party" 7.26 million dollars

A demonstration to point out that there was an election violation occurred the day after the vote occurred. The videos that actually shot the place of injustice uploaded to the video posting site more and more will support the suspicion.

Current affairs dot com: "Illegal video" one after another on the movie site = alleged underlying - Russian House of Representatives election

The state of the demonstration march held on the evening of December 5 is kore.

Митинг - YouTube

People are gathered enough to fill the streets despite the night.

Москва просыпается ?! 5-8 тысячный митинг 05.12.11 - YouTube

Regarding this election, Hillary Clinton's United States criticized Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "was not done fairly." Prime Minister Putin condemns the US government on the contrary that the demonstration was conducted under the leadership of the US State Department.

Prime Minister Putin condemns the US government "Dedicated the population to the demonstration" International news: AFPBB News

However, Secretary Clinton said, "I believe that concerning election management, I expressed concern based on adequate grounds." I asked him to listen to the voice of illegal pursuit.

Refusing criticism of prime minister Putin NHK News

The final result is confirmed on December 9 in the election. The Central Election Commission said that "the legality of the election is unshakable." (Asahi Shimbun): final decision of the House of Representatives finalization = 'legality shaking never' selected - Russia - International

While more than 1,000 people were arrested on a daily demonstration, the organizer continued the demonstration with permission from the Moscow city authorities, and on the 10 th, the demonstration of 30,000 people was executed.

Current affairs dot: Large-scale demonstration in Moscow on 10th = Counterattack protest of the House election

This is a video of a demonstration performed at Volgograd on the 10th. I am crying out "Much of Russia without Putin!"

Митинг в Волгограде: Россия без Путина! - YouTube

Митинг Волгоград 10.12.2011 - YouTube

Here is the news that shows the state of the demonstration.

МЫ ЖДЕМ ПЕРЕМЕН! Репортаж Рен-ТВ. - YouTube

Mixed by materials, about 700 people gathered about 3000 people.

Митинг за честные выборы 10 декабря в Красноярске - YouTube

BelgorodIt is filming how men are taking over by the organizer at the gatherings.

Белгород 10.12.2011 Вот такая у нас свобода слова и собраний в городе.

This is a rally in Moscow. Until then Moscow Police detained demo participants,The warning of sending a demo participant to the military service also flickeredAlthough it was there, he seems to have not handed out at this rally.

Митинг оппозиции: Путин должен уйти - YouTube

Москва, суббота 10 декабря. Митинг на Болотной площади "За честные выборы"

A demonstration on 10th was held at more than 100 locations in Russia.

"30,000 people" anti-government demonstration expands in Moscow, allegations of corruption in the House election + (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News

According to the radio station "Eho Mosquebui", the anti-government demonstration was carried out at more than 100 locations in Japan, and in the Far East Vladivostok a thousand people related to civil society groups including representatives of the Communist Party participated.
Participants in the demonstration were asked to (1) cancel the results of the House of Representatives election and redo the election (2) resignation of chief priest chief, (3) investigation of suspicion of fraud and punishment of stakeholders (4) release of democratic leaders continued detention - and so on.

According to the Asahi Shimbun and Kyodo newsletters, demonstrators in Moscow were 40,000 announced organizers and 25,000 in the police announcement. (Asahi Shimbun): a blowing "anti-Putin" large protest rally in Moscow - international

Moscow, the largest scale under the Putin organization of 25 thousand anti-government gatherings - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

This demo isSince the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the largest oneDeveloped to.

On 12th, President Medvedev announced on Facebook Facebook that he ordered the survey again about the corruption of this problem. Russian President, Statement on Order Interchange Survey Surrounding Unjust Allegations

Russian House of Representatives election injustice, President's "All Investigation" Instruction: International: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

It is already clear that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has decided to run for the presidential election to be held in March 2012 and that the movement of the anti-Putinism will continue. If all opposition parties gathered below the Russian Communist Party, the vote rate will be 50.71% slightly exceeding the unified Russia, but the presidential election will not necessarily be done "free and fair" ...... .

2011/12/16 18:26 Addition
Prime Minister Putin responded to this anti - government demonstration.

Putin, Prime Minister of Russia, three anti-government demonstrations "Self expression of youth is pleased" 3 pictures International News: AFPBB News

About this demonstration, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said, "I saw it on television, but I was glad to see a lot of young people insisting on their own opinion." In addition, he added, "I want you to continue very much in the future", pointing to the nail that "Being acting within the law, it is extremely common."

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