An abnormal situation that the results of voting will be announced before the vote occurs in Azerbaijan Presidential election

Considering the result of the exit survey to examine the voting behavior and the support rate, it is issued when the candidate is determined to be elected reliably by so-called "Accuracy (winning certainty)In the preliminary election report, you can often see the scene of "accurate" as soon as the vote is taken. But,AzerbaijanFar from pre-votingBefore votingAn unusual abnormal situation occurred in the world that inquiries were hit by incumbent President.

Oops: Azerbaijan released election results before voting had even started

In Azerbaijan presidential election held on October 9, 2013, incumbent President Ilham Aliyev got an 84.7% vote to win the victory. President Aliyev won the presidential election in 2003 after the death of former president of the father Heidar Aliyev, and won the victory even in the 2008 presidential election afterwards, further referendums, revised the prohibition of the third banning, It was a typical Australian Army President who was challenging for the third presidential election this time.


In Azerbaijan, the election is so to speak as a "ceremony", it is a state in which the democratic rule is apparently being dressed, and again President Aliyev was expected to win the victory before the vote. During the election period, candidate Jamieil Hasanli, who was the opposing horse of President Aliyev, told the Central Election Commissioner, "Most of the time of television broadcasting has been given to President Aliyev, and almost all the other candidates are given Although it appeals that unfairness ", it is reluctantly discouraged.

A preliminary report saying "President Aliyev wins 72.76% of the votes" on the official smartphone application by Azerbaijan Central Election Committee on the day before the voting when the elections of such a race also ceased to be finalized It flows. By the way, Mr. Hasanli was the second place and was a vote of 7.4%, about one tenth of President Aliyev.

Although "ritual", the Azerbaijani people who have paid some respect to the presidential election of the country are confused by plenty of unusual circumstances. This "false" indication was immediately deleted by the election management committee, and an official opinion was issued that "the app developer mistakenly displayed the 2008 election results." However, it is clear that this is a lie that is apparent from the fact that the candidate for presidential election in 2013 was displayed in the official election application, not the candidate for the 2008 presidential election.

According to the results of the elections announced "newly", the vote that was held the next day is said to have won the victory with President Aliyev gaining over 80% support as expected. Mr. Hasanli's camp has announced that he will not accept election results as it is fraudulent in election management in various places. It is noteworthy that the problem of this time is simply to pass as a mistake that made a mistake in the procedure of "ritual" as a mistake.

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