Missile Launcher "iLaunch Thunder" to shoot down and shoot iPhone

A shivering radio control helicopter that manipulates with an iPhone and shoots a missileAlthough it is good, plastic missiles lack attack power. For those who say "I want to operate more powerful weapons!", A missile launcher that can be operated with iPhone and iPad has appeared.

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"ILaunch Thunder" which looks very dangerous.

Four bullets.

Instead of remote control operation, you operate via an application like this.

The movies that actually move are seen from the following.

ILaunch Thunder - YouTube

First it is operating in G sensor mode.

A launcher that moves with a gyunin. The movable range is 270 degrees in the horizontal direction and 40 degrees or more in the vertical direction.

Push the center of the controller and missile launch.

This time SHAKE TO FIRE mode. When you shake the iPhone, you fire a missile, so you can taste the commander's mood.

It is 25 feet (7.62 m) in range, and it is like this how the missiles actually fly.


Dogo ...

Doraemon who became target.

Hit the red Doraemon (Minidora) second from the left.


The price is 96 dollars (about 7500 yen), and the special price is 82 dollars (about 6400 yen) until December 15. The spare of the missile is three dollars and it is three dollars (about 230 yen).

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