A court judge abuses a daughter who illegally downloaded music and uploads it to YouTube

by Eustace (ej) James

A video of a Texas judge beating his 16-year-old daughter on a belt has been uploaded to YouTube. This is a 2004 video, and Hillary Adams himself in this video was shooting the situation with a hidden camera. Before uploading, I contacted my father, Judge William Adams, but he said that he uploaded it because he said, 'If that makes you feel better, do it.' The police who saw this video have started an investigation.

U.S. judge hits his daughter with a belt, police start investigating by posting video | World spills | Reuters

The video shows Hillary's bedroom, showing her parents hitting Hillary with a belt.

Judge William Adams beats daughter for using the internet --YouTube

About 50 seconds after the start of the video, the judge will enter the room.

Then I tell Hillary to move to the bed, but it doesn't move easily, so I start hitting with a belt.

On the bed, you can see him hitting while riding half a horse.

Hillary is crying.

A mother will join us along the way.

Of the 7 minutes and 34 seconds of the video, this is about 5 minutes.

It was not uncommon for the Adams family to hit with a belt as a discipline, and it was a regular practice, so Hillary thought about leaving a video. Although he had set the camera in the dresser on this day, he didn't think that he would take such a picture in about 30 minutes from the set.

Beatings'regular' in judge's home

By the way, the judge admitted that he was the one in the picture, and said, 'My daughter was downloading music illegally, so I did it to train her. I apologize, but I'm not wrong. ' On the other hand, in AFP communication, the judge wrote that the reason why Hillary hit Hillary with a belt was 'because Hillary was playing a computer game', and there is a slight deviation.

How much is discipline and how much is abused? The circumstances of each family cannot be read only from the uploaded video.

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