A movie of the experiment hitting Ford at the wall at 190 km / h

Speaking of Ford, an automobile company founded by the world's automobile king Ford I, it is a T - type Ford blowing away the world. Since 1979, we have made a capital alliance with Mazda, involved in Mazda's rebuilding after the bubble. Its revenue is the No. 7 company in the nationwide enterprise and the annual production volume is 6.6 million. Although it is a large company that has overcome the global depression, it has been sluggish since the financial crisis in the 2000s.

That Ford's car "Ford FocusUK car variety program "Fifth GearCollided with the wall at 190 km / h.

Fifth Gear [20x01] - Ford Focus 120 mph Crash Test - YouTube

This concrete wall is used in the collision experiment this time.

And here is Ford Focus, the leading role.

It is a very dangerous experiment to get people on board, so you should have a mannequin ride.

The figure of the wall can be seen in the distance.

The experiment began, Ford began to move while raising the smoke.

Line straight toward the wall.

In-car camera ......

At the moment of a crash, in a state that you do not understand what you are seeing with shocks.

Looking at slow motion, the car that approached the wall ......

Hit the wall ... ...

The engine room will be destroyed first. Up to this point, the same result is obtained in any collision experiment, because it protects the occupant in the event of a collision, the front part of the car is dare to break and absorb the impact.

However, the impact of 190 km / h was more than just this one. The cabin part is also distorted and damaged.

It feels as if a car is sinking in a concrete wall.

Fine parts are scattering.

When looking at another angle, the rear part of the car bounced up violently after the collision ......

It shows how it breaks like tearing up.

It is surprising that it will result in such a single accident. Too much speed out puts your life, as well as some troubles around, so let's refrain ....

By the way, inside the cabin is like this. It became a terrible situation that the parts of the mannequin do not know where and where.

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