Super giant saxophone 'sub-contrabass saxophone' is a level that one person can not have

Speaking of saxophones (saxophones), I think of playing jazz, rock, etc. live in front of your body. However, this 'sub-contrabass saxophone' is so large that even an adult cannot lift it or play it while supporting it. From this giant, you can produce a heavy bass that sways the air, two octaves lower than the tenor saxophone.

When I look at the image of the subcontrabass saxophone playing, I feel that the scale is wrong.

It is even rarer than the extremely rare contrabass saxophones, and it seems that once it was doubtful that it really existed.

This is a valuable performance video of such a sub-contrabass saxophone. It is not possible to play with it, you must install it on a dedicated stand and perform.

Subcontrabass saxophone 1-YouTube

I am playing along with an instrument in the normal range. The air is vibrating violently.

J'Elle Stainer Sub-contrabass saxophone-YouTube

This is a 'double bass saxophone' that is not as big as a sub double bass. It's huge, but you can still hold it and play.

Contrabass Saxophone-YouTube

This is the performance of 'Sub-Contrabass Flute', a heavy bass version of the flute. No matter how you look at it or listen to it, you don't think it's a relative of the flute.


It may be the day when we see the light of day as a major instrument, but it seems that it is really difficult to carry around.

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