Just changing the design of the battery makes it so efficient

Most of the designs of various things that are full of living are mostly "there is a necessity and it is such a design" mostly, and as we go one step further, it becomes such a design that it is easy to use If it advances further, it will be "a design that distinguished us other than convenience", it will gradually become sophisticated and gradually sublimate.

This battery design proposal "hive" gives us a new awareness that it may be that there is room for improvement as much as we normally believe "This is such a form".

Hive - Battery Design by Jin - young Yoon & Seong - hoon Jeong >> Yanko Design

"Hive" means "a hive of honey bees", it has exactly the shape of its name

By using this form, unlike conventional batteries, you can prevent the scourge of falling from somewhere along the way and even falling off the desk

Also, it is convenient and good looking at the exhibition, the area is not wasted, and as a result we consider only the theory that the space for transportation decreases, transportation costs become cheaper, and the price itself goes down as well It is a pretty good design plan if there is.

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