EMobile officially announces "Sony Ericsson mini" based on Xperia mini

EMOBILE as its first Sony Ericsson smartphone "Sony Ericsson miniWe officially announced.

"Sony Ericsson mini" is Sony Ericsson's popular smartphone"Xperia mini" which is exceptionally small among "Xperia" series is basedIt became the domestic first appearance in the model which became it.

Japan's Smallest and Lightest Smartphone "Sony Ericsson mini" Available on October 28th | News Release | eAccess

According to the company's press release, eMobile says Sony Ericsson smartphone "Sony Ericsson mini" will be released on October 28.

Like "Xperia mini", "Sony Ericsson mini" is equipped with 2nd generation Snapdragon "MSM 8255 (1 GHz)", about 5 million pixel camera, 3 inch mobile BRAVIA engine mounted HVGA (320 × 480) "Reality Display" The body size is about 88 mm × about 52 mm × about 16 mm, the weight is about 99 g. The main unit price is "simple" and contract time is 20,840 yen.

There are two kinds of coloring, white and black.

Dark blue and dark pink, two kinds of rear cover are attached.

In addition, it supports tethering that can be used as a Wi-Fi router with one touch by installing the "Pocket WiFi widget" function, and the maximum amount of data communication fee does not fluctuate, and the wireless of a personal computer, tablet, game machine Internet connection of LAN compatible equipment is possible.

EMOBILE is 4580 yen / month for data communication including tethering and even free talks with other companies' mobile phone, PHS, fixed phone etc. within 10 minutes per month "Call flat rate free campaign"The point is that data communication and calling can be used cheaply because it carries out.

By the way, e-Mobile adopts the same W-CDMA system as NTT docomo or SoftBank Mobile as a communication system, but from the relationship of frequency band allocated from MIC, NTT DoCoMo or SoftBank Mobile SIM free terminal · Even if you insert a mobile SIM card, it is often the case that it can not be used basically.

And manufacturers such as HTC and Huawei, which have been supplying terminals to the company until now, have released a model that has been modified to accommodate e-mobile frequency band (1.7 GHz band) global model, this time "Sony Ericsson mini "is also a dedicated model to which Sony Ericsson has tailored for eMobile, but I am wondering why I did not release it as" Xperia "brand.

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