Ramen free ticket gifts will also be held from tomorrow "Tenkaichi Festival 2011"

A unique rich soup is popular ramen chain store "Superior item"Annual" Tenkaichi Festival "will be held from tomorrow.

On the first day, "ramen free tickets" will be gifted, and during the period, speed gauges and other original goods and discount tickets will be honored, so people who are close to Tenka may be necessary checks.

Tenkaichi Festival 2011 | Tenka Ichiba

On the official page of Tenkaichi, it is announced that 'Tenkaichi Festival 2011' will be held from Saturday, October 1 to Sunday 10th (tomorrow).

On October 1, which is the first day of holding, "Ramen Free Ticket" will be given to those who ordered ramen in the store, and from the 2nd October (Sunday) to the 10th (Monday) ramen 1 Get 1 piece of speed lottery that the original goods are hit by the cup. Speed ​​lotteries except per prize are 100 yen discount tickets for ramen.

There are 4 kinds of original goods of 2011. First of all, Mini Mini Donburi Red

Keitai chopsticks

Compact cup with pill case and mug integrated

3D clear file

Incidentally, as of September 28, 2011, Tenka is developing 223 stores nationwide. It is said that this year will mark the 40th anniversary.

The store search page is from the following.

Tenka Makoto Search |

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