A female artist who draws a picture of a wolf self-taught that can not be distinguished from a photograph

The upper wolf looks like a picture, but in reality it seems to be a picture painted with acrylic paint. I painted this picture by Cristina Penescu, a painter who continues to draw wild animals. Mr. Cristina seems to have never received education or training on such realist paintings, but according to his ability, he is already establishing the ground as a painter who draws wild animals. The picture which faithfully reproduced the appearance of wild animals faithfully has become a thing which makes life sensation feeling to the extent that animal's breathing also seems to be transmitted.

WildVisions - The Wildlife Art of Cristina Penescu

1. "On The Prowl"Siberian Tiger:acrylic

2. "Wolf Study"Wolf: Scratch board

3. "Predatory Intent"Dora:acrylic

4. "Perseverance"Wolf: Acrylic

5. "The Traveler"Amur leopard:acrylic

6. "Desperation"Wolf: Scratch board & amp; Airbrush

7. "Hunger Crisis"Shima waiener: Scratch board

8. "At Ease"Wolf: Scratchboard

9. "Day"Wolf: Acrylic

10. "Night"Wolf: Acrylic

11. "Inquisitive Nature"Wolf: Scratchboard

12. "Apparition"European Wolf: Scratch board

13. "Interrupted Slumber"Wolf children: Scratch board

14. "Hunger"Wolf: Acrylic

15. "Peek-a-boo"Coyote: Scratch board

16. "Into the Light"Kantohana leopard: Scratch board

Cristina in 1988RomaniaofBucharestI was immigrated to California when I was young. I like reading animal books from around childhood and playing in nature, especially for wild wolves, it is a very important theme for her.

In addition, on Cristina's site, a few pictures of animals other than wolves and lions are also posted.

WildVisions - The Wildlife Art of Cristina Penescu

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