The mystery of the ice ages was surprisingly realistic because "the drawing was autism"

It was about 33,000 years ago when I painted a cave painting during the Ice AgeAutistic spectrum diseaseOf the human race was demonstrated in a study conducted by an archaeologist at York University in the UK - Penny Spikins and autistic experts.

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The harsh environment of the ice ages isNatural selectionAnd it was said that human beings tended to develop the ability to concentrate on details over time. Specifically, it seems that there was improvement of the ability to recognize the environment three-dimensionally, to improve the ability to hold the image, and to improve the ability to recognize and analyze the pattern of terrain and movement.

bySharon McCutcheon

Although the above characteristic is common in people of autistic spectrum, this ability enables the human beings of the ice ages to undergo long-term concentration work and efficientStone spearIt became possible to memorize the vast terrain of the place to hunt and to be able to memorize and analyze the behavior patterns of animals.

Spikins is a survey of university students who went with Mr. Barry Wright, a medical researcher at the University of York, and found that 4% of students are self-closing spectra. And although students with self-closing spectrum had the above characteristics, they seem to have not realized that they are self-closing spectrum. The proportion that people with origin from Northern Europe are genetically autistic is high, and researchers think that this reason is because many of their ancestors experienced glacial difficulties.

"We believe that the early development of genetic autism was the evolutionary response to the culmination of the ice ages, the weather-worst era, without the development of autism-related abilities, the freezing environment There were people who could not survive without getting food in, "Spikins says.

Also, "Realistic artists need to paint realistically, but this depends on whether they can concentrate on details.This characteristic is common in autistic people and it is seen by other people "The presence of people who were capable of extreme concentration like autistic patients is a compelling explanation for the tendency of realism to be taken in the ice ages," Spikins said I talked.

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