A movie the kittens become Jedi's knights and fight in Light Saver

finally"Star Wars" series on which Blu-ray was releasedHowever, it is a movie that cats fight with a lightsaber like a knight of a Jedi. On the Internet there are many collage images that cats have a lightsaber, but there seems to be few movies that contain scenes fighting with lightsaber, which seems to be getting popular on YouTube too.

"Jedi Kittens" the lower movie, the kitty fight in the lightsaber.

Jedi Kittens - YouTube

A white cat with a green lightsaber.

A black cat with a blue lightsaber.

The two play a deadly fight with light movement.

An owner appears.

Two animals that were bathed in battle. This movie was uploaded on August 25th.

And the lower movie is a sequel to "Jedi Kittens", "Jedi Kittens Strike Back" (counterattack of a Jedi kitty).

Jedi Kittens Strike Back - YouTube

This time with a title.

An X wing also appeared.

Of course the kitty is on board.

TIE fighter also appeared.

Here is a black cat.

X wing going off the attack of TIE fighter.

On the verge of colliding with residents.

Lapse of time.

Subsequently the TIE fighter will also arrive late.

And holding both lightsabers again crash.

The battle of incandescence continues.

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