U.S. military warrant TOUGHBOOK's new Android tablet, the real thing looks like this

Panasonic's notebook PC brand is sturdy Uri's "TOUGH BOOK"Is"It has shock-proof and vibration-proof performance based on "MIL-STD-810F" which is one of the standards (MIL standard) required by the US Department of Defense for deliveries to the US military"There is only thing and it is premised on the use under all outdoor extreme conditions, but the news that the robustness is developing the tablet PC as it is for the United States flowed in June 2011 It was.

It is being held for two days on 31st of August and 1st September at the Tokyo International Forum, saying "To see how it can be expanded in Japan"Cloud Computing World Tokyo 2011&Next Generation Data Center 2011At the Panasonic booth of the U.S. Army, TOUGHBOOK brand new Android tablet was exhibited specially.

Panasonic booth

Discovered in the middle

OS is Android, version is undecided.

The screen size is not only 10.1 inches (XGA), non glare (non-gloss) but also it is liquid crystal which is not problematic in visibility even when it is used outdoors.

Multi touch operation is possible.

Security aspect is perfect as it adopts hardware level security mechanism. In addition, GPS is built in, 3G / 4G communication is also supported.

It looks like iPad 2.

I was wondering if it was thicker, but it's unexpectedly thin.

Built in webcam.

The processing part of the gap between the liquid crystal and the main body is a point, which makes it possible to achieve toughness such as shock resistance, vibration resistance, waterproofing and dustproofing, while it is a multi-touchable liquid crystal screen.

Although it is said that domestic release is undecided, because this time it is a reference exhibition to get rid of the user's opinion for waiting wait, the user who thinks "I want you to sell Kore even in Japan!" Tomorrow, Tokyo International There is definitely a good thing if you go to the Panasonic booth of the forum.

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