A picture of a terribly beautiful storm shot by Storm Chaser

There are people in the US who are storm-chasing professionals, "Storm Chaser." Even if you say the storm chaser after all, their purpose is various, some people aim to collect purely academic data, others take pictures of the tornado's shocking video and sell it to media It seems that there are people.

The picture below and the movie are photographs of a stormy beautiful storm, taken by Mike Hollingstead, a photographer who keeps chasing the lightning, among storm chaser.

Storm-chasing photographer captures stunningly haunting images of lightning skies and cloud collisions rolling across the U.S. | Mail Online

This is in June of 2009Nebraska StateofYork CountyPictures taken in the vicinity. A thunder strikes away from clouds of clouds like a huge pillar.

This is a picture taken in June 2009, near Sandhill in Nebraska. A huge cloud is hanging down in a strange green sky. A tornado warning was issued at this time, hail of the golf ball size fell, the wind speed exceeded about 44 meters per second.

In the United States, the huge blue clouds raging will be called 'whale's mouth' (whale's mouth). This is a picture taken in the southeastern part of Nebraska.

A huge cloud developed in a strange shape photographed in Nebraska in May of 2004.

In June 2008,South Dakota StateCloud wall towering far above the mountains, taken in Badlands.

The bottom movie is a picture taken when I photographed "Fog Storm" of Badlands, South Dakota in the above photo. The overwhelming huge cloud figure covering the mountains is captured.

June 18, 2008 Badlands South Dakota Fog Storm - YouTube

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