Anime movie released on October 1st "Reminiscence to Toaru Fuji" Trailer Movie

A trailer movie of an animated movie "To Ara Fuji" reminiscent of the same novel by the same name by Inukumi Kozo in 2008 was released, and it turned out that it will be released nationwide from October 1 .

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In the trailer movie, the hero's Kano begins from the place where he is commanded a secret mission to see Faña del Moral, who became the next Emperor of the Revolution, engaged and fought by Prince Carlo in the Revaimi Empire, safely delivering to the prince. As Charles lives on a deadly air journey, they are drawn by the images that are attracted to each other and the feelings of the two people are full of running performance.

Moreover, he is going to participate in all schedule of "Comic Market 80", free distribution of "Fana special-made clear card" at company booth No. 911 on the 4th floor of the West, the theater released at the theater window from August 13 (Sat) Prior sale of advance tickets, and screening of Comike special video will be done.

The opening time is from 10: 00-17: 00, but please be careful since the end is only 16th on the 14th (Sunday) on the last day. If you are planning to go to Comike, it might be good to stop by at the booth.

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