The wall "Anonymous Hugging Wall" that hugs others without revealing their identity, and can be hugged from anonymous others

A wall called "Anonymous Hugging Wall" has emerged that allows you to embrace other strangers anonymously and to hug you from other anonymous people. What is it like?


This is "Anonymous Hugging Wall".Keetra Dean Dixon'S work, "METHODS & APPARATI" is one of the series aimed at making people easily open to elevate their mood.

A person plunges his hands from behind the wall and hugs and shakes hands with the people who came there.

The wall in the state where a person is not thrusting his hand somewhat feels somewhat creepy ... ...

If you install it this street.

People hugged are all looking happy. "Hugging emotions with strangers on the street"Free HugsThere are also people who remembered the activity of "Activity".

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