Ten mysteries that can be imagined with involvement of the alien engraved in human history

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Relics that have performance that is completely incompatible with the discovered era and place "OOPARTSBut it was not human beings that made them but the alien who came from other planets helped the people of the time with ultra sophisticated techniques or made themselves by the alien himself Claiming "An ancient astronaut theoryThere is the theory that. In this theory we have created humanity as an alien, but if you look at the ruins and artifacts that are enveloped in a mystery from that point of view, there seems to be some points where there are points of intersection.

※ "The ancient astronaut theory" is not a widely accepted theory, it is not considered academics either. Please regard this article as a story to satisfy intellectual curiosity to the last

10 More Ancient Alien Mysteries

Ten:Landscape of Nazca

"Nazca's landscape painting" is a huge number of paintings drawn on the surface of a dry plateau surrounded by the Nasca River and the Ingenio River in Peru, so that it is difficult to grasp the whole picture unless you see it from the sky It boasts. Archaeologist's June 22, 1939Paul KosokThe ground picture of animals and plants was first discovered by, but the part of "what you painted for what purpose" is still enveloped in mystery.

In the ground paintings, monkeys,Llama,Killer whale, Fish, reptiles, sea birds, etc. are chosen, and if it is the largest one, the diameter reaches 285 m. The ground drawing is from 200 BC to 800 AD.Nasca cultureAlthough it is believed to have been drawn in the times, there is no evidence that the people of Nazca invented an airplane. People who support the "ancient astronaut theory" seem to believe that "terrestrial painting was used as a runway when a spacecraft landed."


"Vimana" is a fictitious ride freely flying in the sky, "Rig Veda" which is the oldest classic of ancient India, epic "Ramayana", And the epic"MahabharataAppears on. It seems as if there were various forms like the current aircraft, and some were even able to sail outside the atmosphere.

In the epic heroes are Vimana used in the war, but since there are many similarities with the UFO, supporters of the "ancient astronaut theory" says "If an astronaut came from an other planet in ancient India "I claim it.

8:The Great Pyramid of Giza

It is the Pharaoh of the Egyptian 4th Dynasty, which is believed to have been built over the period of more than 20 years around 2540 BCKing KhufuThe Grave of Tomb "The Great Pyramid of Giza".Seven Wonders of the WorldThe height of 146.6 m at the time of construction was the tallest building in the world until the 14 th century.

The ratio of length to height isGolden ratioAnd there are also quartz technology with very small error, supporters of the "ancient astronaut theory" suggested that visitors coming from other planets helped humans with astounding building techniques I believe that "I believe.


"Teotihuacan" is a huge religious city ruins of about 20 square kilometers located about 50 km northeast of Mexico City, the capital city of Mexico. It is said that people lived from the 2nd century BC to the 6th century, and 100 thousand to 200 thousand people lived in the peak period.

Advocates of the "ancient astronaut theory" pointed out that "Some of the ancient ruins were made with much more advanced knowledge of astronomy than the present age", and the "pyramid of the sun" in Teotihuacan and The pyramids such as "The Pyramid of the Moon" assert that they are being built with awareness of the planet's position in the solar system.


In ancient times, it corresponds to the current IraqMesopotamiaIn the southBabyloniaIt is called "Sumeru" in the southern half of the area. The city civilization that I came up with in Sumeria was regarded as the oldest in the world, and it was the Sumerian who became the center of the civilization. From around 9000 BC, people migrating to this place started farming and invented the oldest wedge-shaped letters in the presently known letter system when around 3,500 BC.

They call themselves "mixed people", they are "AnnunakiIt seems that he believed that it was made by the group of gods who said "It is made of gods. Moreover, it is said that "Annunaki came from the other stars to the earth in order to mining gold" It is said that they believed that the ancient myth of the Sumerian people "Since Anunnaki was seeking workers to mining gold , I made a Sumerian by genetic manipulation ", and some supporters of" ancient astronaut theory "interpret it.


Palenque, an ancient city ruin of the Mayan civilization in Mexico that reached its peak in the seventh century. From the highest "pyramid in Parenke", the dead body of King Pacal who was at the height of the peak was found from the highest "temple of the inscription" and it seems that it had the aspect as the tomb of the king like the pyramid of Egypt It is.

The strange sarcophagus found in the basement of "The Temple of the Inscription" is called "Palenque sarcophagus", and looking at it from the side, the figure of King Pacal who is drawn is manipulated on rocket It looked like an astronaut who is. To that end, advocates such as "ancient astronaut theory" advocated that "Maya civilization is a civilization made by aliens", but as well as the relief found in other temple in Palenque, it was made vertically If you observe it, you notice that you are not steering the rocket, you can understand that the cross was taken over by taking the view of the religion of the time.

When it is vertical, it looks like this.


Mahabharata "and" Ramayana ", two major epic poems of ancient India written more than 2000 years ago, the appearance of men getting into a flying machine and fighting in a large scale, and the nuclear weapon" Indra no Thunder " Descriptions of huge explosions that will remind us of, and too many powerful weapons and so on will appear. For that reason, there seems to be some arguing "episodes of super ancient civilization" against these epics.

3:Puma Punk

It is in Bolivian multi-ethnic country of South AmericaPre / Inca periodThe ruins of "Tiwanak"It's called. In Tiwanak, a unique culture was formed from about the 1st or 2nd century BC, the culture spread widely around 400 AD, and it is thought that it came to its peak from roughly 750 years to 800 years to 1000 years to 1100 years It is said that there is.

"Puma punk" is a pyramid-shaped building located off the center of the ruins, and destruction is a tremendous state, but some of the buildings made of monoliths with a few tons still remain. The stone processing technology is very excellent, and the surface of the rectangular stone is cut out exceptionally in a flat state, and it is said that we do not use iron for processing. I do not know how to cut and process the stone with such precision, and the supporters of the "ancient astronaut theory" says, "Whether an alien with advanced technology made ruins, construction I made a hypothesis that I gave advice to people. "

2: Alien andThird Empire

It was said that the German army during the Second World War was the most advanced in the world, theyCruise missileYaV1 flying bomb,Ballistic missileWe developed a powerful weapon such as. It was not because the German military's advanced technology was advanced, not because they were smarter compared to other countries, but because it had technical skill as it was referring to the Sanskrit language ancient document found in the East Some also think.

In 1933 the German occult party "Brill Association"ButHitlerAnd his surroundings recommended to invest funds to find an ancient technology from all over the world. And German scientists and researchers said that "The lost sacred room"It seems that he searched for it, but thoroughly let him search around ancient documents and artifacts. Some people think that this story and German scientists have developed the flying aircraft "Haunebu (Ha Noibu)" in 1939, that Nazis dealt with alien technology .

1:Flower of life (flower of life)

"Flower of life" is one of sacred geometry known for a long time, it seems to be a figure that has been confirmed all over the world, such as "Osiris Temple" in Egypt, Romania, Israel, China and so on. Some people think that all things in the universe, such as humans and animals, trees and planets, are geometric and everything is made up of a single pattern called "Flower of Life".

This is "Flower of life".

There are five in total in the figure "Fruits of Life" appearing at the end after completing all the incomplete spheres included in "Flower of Life"Plato solid(Regular tetrahedron, regular hexahedron, regular octahedron, regular dodecahedron, regular icosahedron) are all included and are considered to be the most sacred in sacred geometry. And it seems that this figure is shaping the whole universe. Also,elementIt is said that all elements in the periodic table of the period have a geometrical relationship with one of the Platonic solids.

It is "fruits of life".

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