The world's largest pencil is 23 meters long and weighs 3.6 tons

The world 's largest pencil was produced on August 27, 2007. The size is 76 feet (about 23 m) in length, 8000 pounds (3.6 tons) in weight, and it seems that it took two weeks to produce.

Movie of production landscape and pictures of other huge pencils are from the following.
The Worlds Biggest Pencil video

this isSri ChinmoyIt seems that it was produced with celebrating the 76th birthday of a religious owner. Until then it was the world's largest writing instrument manufacturer ·Farber CastelI made near Kuala Lumpur 's facility. It is 65 ft high (about 20 m) and its surroundings are covered with glass, it seems it took 2 years to finish making all.

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Prior to that, what was the largest in the world was also from Farber Castel, which is located in Germany. The length is 12 m, the weight is 600 kg, the thickness of the core is 12 cm, it seems that you can actually write it.

Pencil type monument. In 1263 the Scottish man repelled the Viking fleet that invadedBattle of LargsIt was built in 1912, and it was built in 1912.

It is the largest colored pencil in the world with a length of 7.91 m and a weight of 446.36 kg.

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Cumberland Pencil MuseumIt seems to be on display at.

Is there not the world's largest pencil sharpener to scrape these?

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