【Dread: Takeshi Miya, a game creator who worked on "Grandia" and "Gang Gryphon", died

Popular RPG that exceeded 2 million series of cumulative series "GrandiaSeries and 3D shooting game "Gun GryphonSeries, 3D vertical scrolling shooting game "SilpheedIt is a game creator who has worked on,Gee Mode Co., Ltd.He was president and presidentTakeshi MiyajiPassed away on July 29, 2011 at the young age of 45 years old.

Notice on Change of Representative Director

Takeshi Miyaji, President and Representative Director of the Company, died on July 29, 2011, and on the same day as the representative director
I retired.
We are deeply grateful to you for your generosity here, and we will be pleased to announce you.
Accordingly, at the extraordinary Board of Directors held today, a resolution to appoint Director Koriyama Ryu as Representative Director
We did. In this resolution, we will further strengthen our management base and synergy within the Gaia group
In order to improve corporate value by strengthening, there is closeness to late · Takeshi Miyaji for nearly 30 years, and in recent years both our company
Kaori Koriyama is President and Representative Director and President of Gaia Holdings Co., Ltd.
Will take over as the representative director of the Company and take over the will of the deceased and inherit the management style and management policy of Takeshi Miyaji
We came to judge that it is best to build a system to accept.
Since both the Company and Gaia Holdings Corporation are listed companies, shareholders of both companies
To the stakeholders, including the corporation to continue transparent group management
From the perspective of rate governance, the extraordinary Board of Directors of Gaia Holdings Co., Ltd.
, It is resolved that Koriyama Ryu will transfer to the Chairman of the Board without representation right.

According to Gee Mode Inc. IR newsletter, Takeshi Miya who served as president and representative director died on July 29, 2011, he said he retired from the Representative Director on the same day. In addition, Mr. Koriyama Kuriyama who was a representative director of Mr. Miyaji and had close friends for nearly 30 years, and was president and president of Gaia Holdings Co., Ltd. was appointed.

"Grandia" which Mr. Miyaji worked fuses 2D characters on the 3D background, and implements advanced technology such as panning the sound effect with the rotation of the map, and the sales of Sega Saturn by its superior fighting system etc. It was a towed work. There are also many users who have played with 3D robot shooting "Gun Griphon" backed by detailed settings.

The play movie of each title is below.

SS Grandia Opening Grandia OP - YouTube

Gangriffon (gungriffon) opening - YouTube

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