Why is the tire of a car mainstream black

Tires such as automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles are black in most cases, occasionally they seem to have colored tires as fashion, but black tires became mainstream since the 1900's, until then white tires are mainstream was.

Making Tires Black, Instead of the Natural White Color of Rubber, Produces a Much Stronger and Longer Lasting Tire

Why is the tire black? | Column | The Takata Foundation of the Public Interest Foundation

In the beginning of 1900, Binney & SmithCrayolaRenamed) to the tire manufacturer Goodrich Tire CompanyCarbon blackWe began selling it. From this time on, in order to improve the quality of the tire, carbon black can now be added to the rubber.

Until then, white tires were the mainstream, and white fillers and additives such as calcium carbonate, talc and zinc oxide were used to improve the quality, so the color of the tire turns black when mixed It was a major policy change that adopted black as an additive.

Adding carbon black to rubber can increase the durability and strength of the rubber. For example, when carbon black of 50% of the total weight of the tire is added, the tire rubs against the road to make it less prone to wear,tensile strengthCan be increased to 1008%, it also makes it difficult for the tire to rupture.

In addition, adding carbon black also helps to release heat from the tire and also has the role of preventing the heat of a specific part, which tends to get hot during running, becoming too high. Also, as a matter of simple appearance, there seems to be a place where black tires are easier to see beautifully even if they are used longer than white tires.

Some people have put white tires on expensive bicycles such as road bikes and pistols in the case of cars, and in recent years black tires have become mainstream, so nowadays white tires are fashionable There are also peers to watch. However, at the time the black tire appeared, the black tire with cutting-edge performance was the testimony of wealth and fame, it seems that luxury cars were wearing all together.

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