The bike capable of running Caterpillar "Hyanide"

It is a motorcycle that can run around with caterpillar. It was issued from Germany in the 2006 version of "Michelin Challenge Design" organized by tire manufacturer Michelin. Designers are Oliver Keller and Tillman Schlootz. The fragrance of the near future SF drifts.

Details are as follows.
Your Very Own Personal Tank - Popular Science

Michelin Challenge Design

The name 'Hyanide' is said to be named because it resembles a hyena that this motorcycle is crouching. The caterpillar part is a part where 77 parts are connected, and the plastic part covered with rubber. Kevlar fiber at the interface. This caterpillar has the same structure as that of a tank, and it is possible to run without difficulty even in swampy and irregular lands.

In addition, it is possible to ride two people, the maximum speed is 75 miles per hour to 85 miles per hour, and the speed is 120 km to 136 km / h. It seems that it can move fairly fast.

Besides, the following bikes are another series, but this is amazing.

Michelin Challenge Design

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