[Old News] Former professional baseball player Hideki Irabu, who was also active in the major leagues, died

Hideki Irabu, a former professional baseball player who played an active part in teams such as Chiba Lotte Marines, New York Yankees, and Hanshin Tigers, has died at his home in Los Angeles. According to a local police investigation, it is believed to be suicide.

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Mr. Irabe participated in Koshien twice in high school, and after graduating from high school, joined Lotte with the first draft nomination. As a pitcher, the ball speed is characteristic, and the 158km / h recorded in 1993 was the fastest record in Japan at that time (in addition, Kazuo Yamaguchi of Orix and Ryota Igarashi of Yakult hold the Thai record), and Marc Kroon of Yokohama in 2005. It wasn't broken until it was updated at 159km / h.

During the Lotte era, he won the titles with the most wins and strikeouts in 1994, the best ERA and strikeouts in 1995, and the best ERA in 1996, which contributed to the team's breakthrough. He is also a troubled player and causes a riot of transfer to the major league in the off-season of 1996.

He has been with the New York Yankees for three years from 1997 to 1999. The total of 29 wins and 20 losses does not seem to be so bad, but it will be treated as a problem child here as well, and will be traded to Montreal Expos (currently Washington Nationals) in 2000. .. During this period, he was unable to play an active role due to a breakdown, and became a free contract during the 2001 season off and belonged to the Texas Rangers in 2002 (initially a minor contract). Although he is active as a closer, he left the battlefield due to a pulmonary thrombosis and left the group in 2002.

Here, he joined the Hanshin Tigers, who just welcomed Senichi Hoshino, and returned to the Japanese baseball world. In 2003, he contributed to Hanshin's first league title in 18 years, but in 2004 he was notified that he was out of force with various results and retired before the start of the 2005 season.

After retiring, he became a businessman in the United States, but returned to active duty in the independent league in 2009. In addition, he joined Kochi Fighting Dogs in the Shikoku / Kyushu Island League, but he retired due to tendonitis and retired for the second time in January 2010.

According to Daily Sports, there was a match for the grass baseball team to which he belongs, and when Mr. Irabe didn't show up there, his teammates visited his home and found him hanging his neck. thing.

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