A terrible bike that reproduced the alien-like design with scrap parts

as if"alien"A motorcycle designed as if the motorcycle became it as it is, in ThailandBangkokIt is said that it was built by gathering scrap parts of old cars and motorcycles.

That motorbike is out of this world: Bangkok artist makes drivable sci-fi sculpture out of spare parts | Mail Online

Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn (54 years old) made this motorcycle, made of iron, feeling the atmosphere of the living body while being made of iron, it is finished neatly finishy.

Although it is a motorcycle of a fairly special form, it is said to be able to actually run.

Mr. Sangwongprisarn has four art shops in Thailand and exports works abroad.

I straddled my bike. My mouth is feeling like Predator and I was born parasitizing PredatorHybrid alienIt is a design that makes me think.

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