Metal shaped art made by combining car parts

Normally, a broken car is either repaired or recycled by a dismantlers etc. However, there seems to be some people who have taken out parts from the car that was in the garbage repository and made it art.

Although it became garbage once, the texture of the old metal directs the taste which can not be said anything.

Details are as below.
Amazing sculptures made out of car parts - Artsy Spot

gorilla. The carbohydrates of car parts are well matched.

Metal sheep with a strange presence.

The transparent part of the lamp part is used and the feeling of recycling is strongly emerging.

A new car is completed from parts of the car.

Somehow a walking scenery like a future.

There is a metallic feeling that is likely to appear in the movie transformer.

It was Mr. James Corbett of Australia that produced these art. On James's siteList of available worksAnd others are also posted.

James Corbett Car Part Sculptor

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