Baby of "Loris" for the first 8 months after receiving vet checkup for the first time

"Loris"Is a tribe that is classified as a primate (monkey) Loris family, is a creature that has big eyes in a body as small as a kittens, has no tail, eats insects, leaves, nuts and the like on trees . It originates from Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka, and it is popular as a pet from its characteristic adorable appearance and gesture.

Below is the appearance when the baby of Loris of 8 months old got the first veterinary examination.

Why have you woken me up? Sleepy slender loris ignores attentions of vet during health check | Mail Online

This Loris,London ZooIt seems that this time was the first veterinary medical examination with an individual protected with. Even human beings for the first time go to the hospital, they are terribly scared, but Loris' baby seems uneasy.

Loris is also known for its slow movement, but basically it is a nocturnal animal and I am good at catching insects and others in the dark with its big eyes.

Loris who fell asleep after a vet checkup.

I awoke to be shaken by the veterinarian's hand.

Loris clinging to the hands of the veterinarian. In Sri Lanka the Loris ecosystem has been influenced by deforestation, the expansion of agricultural land and industrialization, and furthermore the body of Loris has been prized as a medicine since ancient times, the protection of Loris which was threatened by this threat in London zoo I heard he is working hard.

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