A rabbit without ears like a guinea pig

Speaking of rabbits, long ears are a trademark, but it seems that rabbits without such long ears were born. It looks like a guinea pig at first glance because the ears are long and the size of the child, but you can see that it is a rabbit when it is aligned with the parent rabbit.

Compare this with the picture of a parent rabbit and let's see if it is really a rabbit.

Pictures are as follows.
What's up Doc? Meet Vincent the rabbit born without ears | Mail Online

In the Haig family where rabbits without ears were discovered, in addition to rabbits, they also kept dogs, cats, tropical fish, guinea pigs, children in rabbits just born had children without ears, guinea pigs were mixed I heard that he thought he was crowded. However, if you look closely, it seems that you just knew that the other part is a rabbit just because there is no long ears.

This is a rabbit without ears.

Looking side by side with the parent rabbit it looks like this. Sure it looks like a rabbit.

Pictures on hand. There is no mistake if you make a mistake in the size of a guinea pig as well.

My owner John (16) said he named this rabbit Vincent after Vincent van Gogh, a painter who is said to have cut his ear. Vincent said that he is a healthy body with only a short ear. Although it is unknown about the reason why there is no ear, it seems that there is a theory that it has been caught by genetic problems and parents.

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