Will packet flat rate plans disappear even in Japan? I asked SoftBank

America's largest mobile phone company"Verizon Wireless" will abolish the packet flat rate plan from this month and switch to pay-per-use billing, I answered SOFTBANK MOBILE whether SOFTBANK MOBILE would do the same thing in Japan as to the fact that the two top US companies shifted to the pay-as-you-go system.Answer of KDDI that I reported earlierIt may be interesting to look at it.

The inquiries are as follows. The content of this question is basically the same as what is being done to each mobile phone company.

· As of July 2011, is traffic of 3G network increasing?
· Is it due to the spread of smartphones?
· When do you anticipate when the traffic will reach its limit in the current situation?
- Verizon Wireless in the United States and AT & T reviews the "packet flat rate plan" and switched to pay-per-use billing, but is there any possibility of review if traffic continues to grow?
· Mobile phone companies are making efforts to distribute traffic of 3G network, but please tell us about your company's efforts.

The answers to these questions are as follows.

SoftBank mobile:
I am convinced that the spread of smartphones is one reason for increasing traffic, but I am not in a position to comment on policies of other companies, and I will refrain from comments on our future strategy.

"We will refrain from commenting on future strategy", but in June last year the president, Mr. Masayoshi Son,2% of users occupy half of trafficIt is clear that this problem is not a stranger thing at all because the increase in traffic was regarded as "trouble of the management company of a mobile operating company" after revealing it.

For reference, SOFTBANK MOBILE has been declaring "SOFTBANK MOBILE RADIO PROTECTION DECLARATION" since 2010,Measures such as offering a small base station (femtocell) and a wireless LAN access point that can be connected to a broadband line to homes and shops where radio waves are difficult to enter for freeWe are trying to distribute the traffic to other than the 3G network while filling the hole in the area.

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