A scene of intense rolling shot taken on Fujikyu's new scream machine "Takanobu"

Fujikyu Highland will start operation on July 16 newlyPress preview of screaming machine 'Takanobu'So, as I was actually able to ride high cars, I tried shooting while actually getting on what kind of feeling I was getting on.

The movie below is a picture taken with a high viewpoint while riding a high car.

YouTube - Fujikyu Highland New Screaming Machine

Immediately after the start, it rushes into the darkness, and rolling inversion is entered once in the pitch in the dark.

As soon as leaving the tunnel, it makes one turn. I feel a tremendous G.

Rolling and one turn which attacks one after another.

If you suspect it stopped, suddenly a vertical rail appears in front of you.

I will go up the vertical rail.

After climbing up, I see "Vertical Roll" with a falling angle of 121 degrees.

It descends with the momentum that it is likely to crash the ground.

The next rolling begins immediately.

I managed to come back safely.

The attraction of the new attraction "Takanobu" is the falling angle in the world, with rolling that attacks rapidly. For those who love the rotation of a roller coaster, is not it one of the attractions I'd like to experience this summer once.

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