Japanese researchers found a rare earth deposit in the Pacific Ocean, whether reserves are 1000 times larger than existing


Associate professor Yasuhiro Kato of the University of Tokyo and a research team such as the Ocean Research and Development Organization have found a large rare earth deposit in the Pacific Ocean. Rare earth deposits are present in China, Russia and the United States, among which China produces 97% of the total. As a result, the price has been influenced by the export volume from China, and a new supply source was required.

Nature · GeosciencesAccording to a paper published in the magazine, the reserves are estimated to be 1000 times as much as on land.

Deep-sea mud in the Pacific Ocean as a potential resource for rare-earth elements: Nature Geoscience: Nature Publishing Group

BBC News - Japan finds rare earths in Pacific seabed

Japanese researcher discovered rare earth deposit in the Pacific = English scientific journal - WSJ Japan version - jp. WSJ.com

According to Associate Professor Kato, reserves say that the estimated reserves at the sampling point of only 1 sq km correspond to 1/5 of the world's annual consumption, and the mineral found this time can be mined on a commercial basis There seems to be still doubt as to whether or not, it seems to be a promising source.

In order to alleviate the rare earth export restrictions by China and the impact of the soaring prices, development of alternatives and alternative technologies for rare earths is under way, and for cerium necessary for polishing glass substrates of LCD televisionsAn inexpensive alternative technology developedIt is being done.

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